“How do RUMOURS get started ?”

One Saturday afternoon like that, out of boredom and cos I was around the hood of this close female friend of mine; I breezed in on her like a shadow from the dark.
Her apartment was upside down – Painters working to give the place a fresh new look. My friend was actually about going out, as a matter of fact – Dressing up.

Then, she shocked me – ‘Please, help me hook my bra’ turning her very YELLOW back to me.

‘Ehnnnnn, odaran’ I said, also grabbing the straps and pulling them towards one another.
Walahitalahi, I find the ‘straps’ of a woman’s bra revealed and showing from the back most sexy.

To now have the very rare privilege of pulling them together – You bet I was gasping for breath.
Then, one of the painters walked on by.

That’s how rumours get started oooooooo. 

They’re started by JEALOUS people !

(c) O’Shine Original – 2015


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