“The WORST Imaginable”

My big sis and I had to attend a function together outside Lagos, so we went in her car.

We were driven by her one week old driver.

“Don’t drive me above 110 km/h she kept screaming; apply your brakes or can’t you see the red lights of the car ahead of you; keep to the left side cos the buses are going to stop on the right side etc.”

Precautions being dolled out to him.

The guy was just a disaster – One reason I’m not sure I can use a driver aside the fact I love driving.

On our way back, the unthinkable happened.

A very foul smell inside the car, rotten egg would have being better as an option.

Wharrisdis ?  

‘Please wind down the glasses’ my sis once again screamed. ‘You have farted have you ?’ she asked and to which the guy nodded also saying he’s got a tummy upset.
By the time we got to her place and the guy got down to open the car booth for me to take the things I had there (Took him like forever).

The guy had poo poo-ed all over himself and on the driver’s seat.

The foul odour still hunts my system.

Green sh_t.

Shege !



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