“Judge & Jury”

For a very longtime, growing up we had intermittently water supply from the main source running through the neighbourhood and or fetching fetching. 

For safety reasons, we boiled our water before drinking. 

Then I had to go live on campus for my post graduate studies – For the very first time, I was faced with the reality of gulping ‘pure water’ while on campus.

‘What is wrong with you ?’ my friends said back then.

“Drink pure what ?” I thought.

Anyway, for lack of choice and limited resources, I joined the bandwagon of pure water patrons.

A doctor friend was later to even say it’s good for us. 

‘Builds your resistance’, he said.

Long after that, a friend who grew up in Mushin but who with time had chopped up and was at that time living around Allen Avenue came visiting. 

“Ore, nah wetin you go take now ?” I asked severally and his responses were I shouldn’t bother.

He settled eventually to have some water, ‘Please, make it very sparkling water oooo’ he begged. 

By this time, I had emptied 2 well chilled sachets of pure water from my fridge into the crystal clear glassware I got from a friend as a birthday gift.
I served him – Glass cup and jug in tow on the tray, he gulped down like he had been starved of such well chilled water for a longtime.
(Truly, what you don’t know don’t hurt you).

‘I won’t with a gun pointed at me drink pure water’ he added. 

I chuckled watching him say that – If only you know what you’re salivating on I thought to myself;

“Water is Life”

You be the judge, the ball is in your court, please state the verdict.

(With reasons);

Am I guilty or not guilty ?

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _



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