“What’s in a name ?”

Precisely​, I’m an Ijebu boy from Ijebu Imushin. A confirmed Omo Alare.

Emi oni Imushin anokoru.

Most people wrongly associate Imushin in Ijebuland to the notorious Mushin in Lagos.

Imushin dates way back and legend have it that the place was named after a massive tree in the once sleepy village.

“Igi Ishin” was to become Imushin.

Stories also have it that the Awujale of Ijebu, based on his stool in Ijebu Ode must not see eye to eye with this tree. If he has or not is really not my business right now. There’ve indeed been many versions to this school of thought.

The way names have evolved is the focus of this simple write up.

The simplicity with which Igi Ishin became Ijebu Imushin is what has curiously made me wonder the evolution of names like Idi Oro, also in Mushin, a notoriously violence part of Lagos. 

Other fascinating and similar names include amongst others, Idi Abaa in Bariga, Idi Mangoro in the outskirt of Lagos towards Sango Otta around Ogun State.

You must also have come across Idi Iroko just before Maryland on Ikorodu Road.

Those names aroused my interest today as I was seated in church. 

Jejely oooooooo, on the 3rd to the last pew on the right side of the church. 

I came early enough to choose a great postion.

Lo and behold, there I was thinking ‘Wharrisdis ?’

Serious distraction it was for the entire duration of the Mass

The woman; thickset, lovely dark shade and with a massively huge backside, a basia to say the least. 

My focus all day, beginning till end of Mass. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, you are worthy oh Lord.

Her yansh like a raised platform.

Yeeeeeeeee, Idi Araba leleyi oooooooo.

Hahnnnnn hahnnn !



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