“When a failed promise is a bad debt”

That was how I got a call from this sweet female friend few weeks back.

‘Gbenga, are you free for lunch ?’ she asked.

“Sure”, I responded. 

It’s very ungentlemanly to turn down such an unusual request from a woman. Afterall, what a man can do a woman can do even better.

She drove down to my place and picked me up for the sumptuous lunch at ‘Abe Igi’.

Truth is she had offended me and was going to make a peace offering. 

We arrived to the usual gathering of known and fresh new faces. 

I saw my chairman at the end of the room as we chose a side table. I walked up to pay homage and receive his blessings and then back to my seat on our table. 

I made my order and we chatted away. She wasn’t going to have anything, she said. Focus of our discussion being what had happened days earlier. She had goofed by revealing an information about me to a new friend she thought was a close friend. 

It didn’t really matter I made her understand. However, I would have been much more comfortable revealing same information myself. 

In the middle of our discussions, my paddy chairman got up to go and the ‘Abe Igi’ owner revealed our bill had been settled by him.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, I’m grateful sir. E se sa”I blurted out while also introducing my accomplice to him as he left us.

She didn’t have to pay anymore. 

Now, a couple of weeks later, I reminded she still owed me lunch and to which she was like I was taking style to ask her out for lunch. See this cunny cunny woman oooooo.

My people, mgbo:

“She owe me lunch abi she no owe me ?”



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