“In the beginning”

‘Anyone who develops his gifts and talent will become a commodity’
– Myles Munroe.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

I usually don’t write very ‘serious’ stuffs (I love ME cheeky & bounce, spiced witty, hilarious cum jovial et al and sometimes laced with a dose of sarcasm).

I do that alot and have posted many such expressions, opinions, views and write ups online and all over.

My posts have overtime, become an identity, a signature, my voice.

Simply O’Shine.

Cheeky. Funny. Hilarious. Mind Blowing.

For these reasons, many have called my attention to me taking it more seriously.

Start a blog. Write a book. A tv or radio programme isn’t a bad idea.

I’ve had them encourage also in specific words written down on the sands of time.


“You have a flair for writing”
– Adedayo Olukoya


“Your statuses are always compelling”
– Dr. Ifeyiolisa Okoye


“Your facebook write ups are witty, hilarious and laced with sarcasm. Me likey.”
– Chinenye ‘Lima’ Chidolue


“You are a great writer. Have you thought of writing books. I read your posts. They have become short story pamphlets for me.

Aha, am proud of you. Keep it up. In fact you need to start publishing. I will be your big fan.”
– Ejiro Asagba Ojo


“I have never met O’Shine Original before, but one can tell from his writings and swagger that he is a charmer. He sure has the gift of garb (Sweet mouth in Yoruba)”
– Dr. Ola Eni-Olotu


“Please write a book, I’d sure read. Cheers”
– Debola Samuel


“I love the way your mind works Sir. It’s amazimg how you write. I have been reading all your write ups, I sincerely am thrilled by them always Sir”
– Bunmi Olaoke


Chaiiiiiiiiiii, ori mi wuuuu, e lagi mo.
My head is swelling like a loaf of bread immersed in a bowl of tea.

Such adulation. Such applause. Such commendation – I’m highly honored. I’m flattered.

No place to hide any longer, so I took up the challenge.
In all sincere honesty, I don’t even consider myself a ‘writer’ – I love to tell stories anyway, exactly as I see them.
The truth and nothing but the TRUTH, by just being ME.

and I.

O’Shine – arpa; MNIM

(abe igi specialist, ‘blogger’, cyclist, fcbk activist, amateur writer, ijebu-man, mentor, storyteller & United FAN-atic)

‘Go and start a blog’,
‘You keep wasting all those your stories’,
etc, etc.

Na my peepus dey always yarn that one ooooo.

“Huhhhhhn, ME to start a blog ke ?”

Even my brother in law joined in the bandwagon to make me take this plunge.
This shocked me the most too. Here was someone very hard to impress actually encouraging you to do something you’re hesitant about.

A blog is a JOB.
It requires all of YOU. Total dedication and attention. A vast information and education platform.

I asked myself severally, can I do this ?
Me, I dey talk am as e be nooni.
The wahala the foremost and “famonest” (most famous) 9ja blogger got herself into recently was even more of a hold back than an encouragement to kick the beast in me.

Besides, why would I wanna be begging people –

“Please go to my blog sef ?”

2nd base jare – But wait oooooo, I hear one 9ja blogger turns over N120 milla per annum.

“Ori iya mi oooooooo.”

So I started.
Test running for a couple of days. Yes ke. Who no like money ?
But truly, this ain’t about the dough but an expression of a new found passion.

“Find what you LOVE – And let it kill you” is one phrase I believe so much in.

The responses:


“It’s about time”
– Victoria Okosun


“You write effortlessly”
– Lola Ajose-Olusola


“Btw, interesting blog :D😂”
– Tomiwa Odusote


“Well done Bro”
– Detoun Ogwo


“Nice write ups there”
– Anita Nelson


“Thumbs up Baba”
– Kolawole Dada


“I so love this development sir. Good work”
– Sarah Akpam


“Nice one bruv, you finally found your true calling”
– Foli Adebayo


1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. – Today is the 7th day.

I ask that you please, raise a toast with me.

To ME.

You MUST; you gatto visit my blog (REGULARLY) or else.

Ok, this is it.

Do you wanna make heaven ?

The date our Lord is coming is going to be revealed ONLY over there.


You don’t have to like the blog. Abeg just make heaven.

Finally, the entire work put together and the encouragement to build and own this blog – At no kobo.
All for free, was bourne by this rare lady, someone I became friends with barely 5 months ago – 13th March precisely.

Her strange belief in me is the source of the energy to get this started.
To give it a real GO.

Talk about putting her money where her mouth is.


‘You write beautifully. As simple as possible, without strain. It comes natural for you and if you want me to assist in anyway possible with a blog, you can count on me’


Complete strangers they say, are more inclined to help you succeed than people you actually know.

On that note, I want to so hugely thank the one that made this blog possible.

Without me spending a kobo, dedicating her precious time; vis a vis several phone calls, emails, texts and WhatsApp messages.

At a point I was trying not to take her for granted when I’ve to call her line at 11.00 pm or even at 8.00 am working hours.

Bee_KAY, you rock like the rock of Gibraltar. Truth is you are the rock of the pages on this platform.

You are a shinning star. A goddess in shinning armour. The greatest of all Ninjas.
(Faces of Ninjas are never revealed)

‘In the beginning, God created all the heavens and the earth’ – You, Bee_KAY are the ‘Genesis’ of this idea coming to fruition. You gave it life.

You created this BLOG.

In such wonderful abundance, these kisses are for you.

(From the deepest bottom of my heart)

Muahhhhhhhhhhhh !



32 thoughts on ““In the beginning”

  1. dewinski says:

    Nice one O Shine the original. Will make sure I follow your blog so I can make heaven. 😂😂😂. When the millions start rolling in and I know they will, I will be waiting for my share. ☺

    Liked by 2 people

  2. FOLI ADEBAYO says:

    Your big brother is watching u here, to make sure u walk d right path & also make heaven yasef….may d forces be with u…ashe!!!..

    Ecclesiastes 7:8 – Better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof: and the patient in spirit is better than the proud in spirit.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Funmi Gee says:

    So happy you’re doing this. I will be joining you soon in blogsville In shaa Allah. Can’t wait to see longer perspectives from the crazy roller coaster that is your mind.

    Liked by 2 people

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