LOVE is a confusing JOY

“LOVE is a confusing JOY”


This is the story of the special one who has my MUMU button.

Come with me:


On that Saturday morning, I had just gotten back from my weekend cycling not quite 20 minutes, taking a small rest before breakfast and then a sweet bath when her call came in.

‘Gbenga, I’ve been calling Bimbo for over an hour and I can’t reach her’.

‘I have even tried her husband six different times and he’s also not picking’.

‘I need to get to her house for an appointment we agreed together and I’m lost why she isn’t picking’.

“Ok, come pick me at my place, I could end up taking you there” I said.

‘How do I get to your place ? I can’t remember again’.

For someone that’s been to my place twice.


It’s been a very long while though.
Her last visit being a birthday party I held for myself in May 2011.

Against all odds, she showed up – A huge and unexpected surprise to me.

‘I wouldn’t have missed your birthday for anything’ she had told me back then ‘I put other things I had to do on hold’.

It was no secret amongst friends how I felt about her. I was nuts about her but for this religion thingy.
She’s a staunch Muslim where I’m a devout Catholic.

A stumbling block, not to me though.

Anyway, before you could say Jack Robinson, I was dressed up and on a walk to the expressway in a jiffy. The walk to the expressway under normal circumstances would’ve taken me about 8 mins, I covered it in about 5 minutes this time around.
She had said to call me back once at a particular agreed spot on the expressway, I wasn’t going to wait for that call I told myself.

As I approached the bustling main road, I put a call to her again.

“Where are you now ?” I asked.

‘At XYZ’ she said.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, I told you to wait for me at ABC now” I replied.

‘Ohhhhhhhh, but Gbenga I told you I don’t know these places ke’.

She be Island babe.

Knew her when she was living around Queen’s Drive, Ikoyi and working on Oyin Jolayemi in Victoria Island. She disclosed to me she moved to Dolphin a few years ago when we spoke.
We barely speak these days.

‘Gbenga is too much wahala for me’ – Infact, never takes me seriously from here to there.

She thinks I’m too much trouble and had point blankly told my friend so, her friend’s husband when she ran into him on Karimu Kotun, a street from her own office sometime ago.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, see this babe ooooooo”.

She had finished me. Me that I am as cool as a cucumber. I only go ga ga once I’m around her.
She technically and practically drives me nuts mehn, excitedly so.

That’s how much I like her.

Anyway, I told her;

“Just stay where you are”.

I crossed to the other side of the expressway, flagged down a bus and gently sat beside this old man.

“Baba, elo ni owo mi de next bus stop – Old Man, please how much is my fare to the next bus stop ?” I asked.

‘Fifty naira’ he said.

“Hahnnnn hahnnn Baba”.

‘Se eni thirty naira ki e fuun conductor boya o ma gba – Do you have thirty naira, if so try the conductor with it ?’ he advised.

I gave the conductor the thirty naira and he said absolutely nothing as I got down at the next bus stop.

Imagine me taking a bus cos of a babe oooooo ?
Something I had not ventured in what seemed a lifetime.

“In matters of the heart no one is really smart.”

This woman can make me do fc.k all, I thought to myself as I walked the last lap of my impromptu trip to the DEF_Bank branch she had parked.
Truly, here’s a woman that excites me in no small measure.

“If it’s really love;
Why does it make you cry;
Makes you feel so sad, inside”
– Ralph Tresvant

There she was, awaiting my arrival. She was on the phone. Finally her friend had called back, my friend’s wife that is.
I walked up to the driver’s side of her SUV and pulled her rotund cheeks as she wound down. I could’ve kissed her too but didn’t want her to melt in the rising sun. I moved to the other side, the passenger’s side and got in.

Dishing out directions and compliments, one after the other as we drove down to her destination.
She sure gladdens my heart.

‘I could never have done this on my own Gbenga’ she reeled out minute after minute in her very sweet voice.

‘I practically don’t even know where we are’ she continued.

“Well, I’m glad to be by your side” I said re assuredly to her as we got down towards the gate of our friends. Coming this far, we had driven close to 15 minutes, chatting away as we did so.

On getting inside, I started my usual troubles with her.
I wanted a hug and a photograph session.
The hug I got – And I could’ve just died holding unto her. Nothing could have been as good that morning.

Astonishing. Bliss. Heaven. Mind Boggling.
One off my bucket list.


‘No photos’ she insisted as my friend came downstairs to join us. He informed his wife was to join us soon as she was getting dressed.

‘E karo sir’ she got up from her seat and knelt down – For my friend ooooo.
To think my friend is a year younger than me sef.

Same babe wey dey gimmie toughie of a time oooooo.
She could gimmie a knock on the head and I go just smile sef.


“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, mo ti koja aye ara mi ooooo” as I jokingly drew the attention of my friend to that act of hers – Respect.

We all smiled and laughed over it.


Long and short, her friend also came downstairs and they made for the salon.

Imagine, she came all the way from the Island just so she could use her friend’s salon.

Women and their wahala.


We spoke severally on the phone while she was at the salon and I at my friend’s.

Confirmed she was home hours later. ‘The road was free, traffic was light’ she said.

She now lives much further down on the Island, in Ajah.

Double wahala for deadi body – Ajah sha ?

Imagine, cruising through mainland traffic to get to Ajah to see Omoge.

Think it through.

Meanwhile, let me bow out with a quote:

“If you want something bad enough – You’ve got to find a way”

E no go better for love ooooooooo !


Please note:
A MUMU button is . . . Someone having a strong hold on you, enough to make you do practically anything; silly, stupid or sweet.



18 thoughts on “LOVE is a confusing JOY

  1. ANM7 says:

    Make an investment, win or lose. IE write as much as possible; Love letters. If there is no payoff, hey at least you attempted to invest something. Women sometimes can be wistful. Your words will be on her mind, no matter what.
    But bear in mind, one day she will call you to account, task you. Will you be disposed to fulfill the task? And at that time don’t hesitate to inquire as to why should you fulfill the task, by this question you will have some idea where you stand. Friend or romantic interest, you see. Now if it is friend, don’t sweat it, for some of the best relationships begin in friendship.

    Very adventurous post. A journey.

    Liked by 1 person

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