“Promise REDEEMED”

Twas a rather uneventful day till her call came in at noon today.
Calls from her are always an indication of something exciting coming up.

‘Gbenga, are you available ?’ she asked.

‘Wondering if lunch is okay, Jevnik is out of it cos of the distance but we can do Bukka Hut’.

‘I should be there in 15 minutes if you can make it down’. She concluded.

I had told her before now we could do Yellow Chilli, Bukka Hut or Jevnik whenever she’s available.

“Hey, I’ve to run” I cried out to the owner of Abe Igi as I had already placed my order there.

Hanging out wif this friend of mine is usually exciting. Her smiles are a killer. Very accommodating and welcoming. I just love her company. We gist endlessly too, always so much to talk about.

‘Amebo / gbeboruun is her hobby’ – She go kill me ooooooo.

I drove down and there she was already waiting.

The welcoming and reassuring smiles too.

“Sorry I kept you” I mumbled.

We quickly made orders. Same of same.
‘Semo, edikaikong, chicken lap and water’.

Sumptuous. Devoured. Finished.

Yes, she paid this time around too.

(Concluding part of – When a failed promise is a bad debt)


What a man can do, a woman can do exact just same.

One one goalless draw.

Teheheheheheheheheheee !



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