“Bush Meat”

For most people, to them Muhammed Ali is synonymous with boxing.
Not so for me though, I grew up being a boxing enthusiast through the likes of Sugar Ray Leonard, Tommy Hearns and Marvellous Marvin Hagler.

Boxers that fought pound for pound, punch for punch. Stood toe to toe with their opponents and gave back as much as they got.
Hitting out where it hurts the most.

This for me makes boxing not just interesting but also awesomely exciting.

I’ve the exact same attitude to life and indeed friendship. I can do anything and absolutely everything to maintain a friendship.
In this guise too, I can be very expressive in my dealings and encounters with the few I call friends, calling a spade a spade, jisting and jabbing. A slap on the back for a great moment, a real good laugh hanging out together.

I love to say it as it exactly is.
Someone once said, ‘You’re so not diplomatic’

Yes, I’m too blunt. I tend to agree sometimes, but diplomacy takes the shine off great moments.
I don’t like that.

Give it to me baby (Rick James). Slap me on the face. I love that mehnn.

It excites me when we can do to one another wihout fear or favour.

No complaints. No rules. Just laffs.

So when you throw jibes at and with me by calling me a ‘Bush Man’ and I take it in utmost good faith, laughing away with you.

“Yeah, good one from you” I said.

And then I threw an equally pleasant one right back at you. Yeah, I did.
We were just doing banters ke. Simply tit for tat.

(A reminder of Abami Eda’s song – I no be gentleman at all oooooo)

And you’ve not even talked to me since then.
About 5 weeks now just cos of my simple reply to your calling me a BUSHMAN.

Shebi, me I be ‘ara oko’, I kun kun know you’re not what I called you.

“Treat her like a lady”
– Temptations

Ayam sowie.

Ohhhhhh K, you no be ‘eran igbe’ oooo. We wus juz jokeeen ke, ere lan nse nowww.

You’re not a BUSHMEAT !



28 thoughts on ““Bush Meat”

  1. Adebimpe Osinuga says:

    Hahahaha…… Knew it had to be female. Bros.. Bush man and bushmeat na different categories o.
    Dis time around u go carry ya peace offering beyond internet! 😂😂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sunshine says:

    I have know many TACTLESS and CRUEL people who hide under being “blunt” or “frank.” Don’t be one of them. Even if you are, you can’t treat a lady the way you would treat a guy…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. . . . The honest truth is you can roll wif anybody anyhow, but you must get to the level to be able to do so.
      I had a female friend namde Tokunbo, and I used to call her 2nd hand or Aloku after Tokunbo cars. I gave that testimony at her service of songs after she passed.
      You just got to know who you roll with.
      What A would take thay B won’t.


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