“Summer Vacation”

I go beef joooooo.

See my friends oooooooo, and dem say make I no talk.

Reynold was in Canada for vacation, Ladipo was somewhere too, saying ‘Hello from the other side’.
So also was Pastor Ademola all over Yankee. Funmi followed suit too, Yankee enroute an 8 hours stop in Paris.
Ok, Morak spent his hard earned Pound Sterling on his family tour of Spain and not on a Las Gidi visit oooooo. OM too dey Yankee, Bee_KAY sef don jaaaaa, and when we dey here talk say country hard, dem go say BUY NIGERIAN, lift the Naira.

Yimu. Oje Marina.
Nah lie dem dey lie oooooo.

What about putting your money where your mouth is by doing Yankari, Obudu, Olumo Rock, Aseiire Dam, Tinapa etc ?

Even Bucky spent her summer in 9ja ke – Respect.

Ok, Kay Lord did too, just cos he’s a broke ass like me ni ooooooo. Bobo yen kan lenu ni, ko lowo jooooo.


Ordinary chocolate sef, dem no bring talkless of bringing shirts or shoes for me. Awon awuun. Akagum people.

Who no like better things ?
Especially when even President dey go wash him ear for obodo oyinbo.

Buy Nigerian ko, buy African ni.
Government officials are junketing allover, padding budgets, pillaging plus serious wastages and you want the citizenry to be different.
Leadership in other climes are by example.

Vacation spot for the USA President is on Camp David – Right there inside the territories of the United States of America.
The UK PM rides on a train, no convoys and does not have a single private jet.
The Russian President has been photographed filling fuel into his car by himself. Prince Phillips and the Queen picked up Barack and Mitchell on their UK visit with the Prince driving, no fanfare.

Until we correctly set our priorities right, we are going nowhere from ground zero.

That I criticise Buhari don’t make me unpatriotic, just same way you spend your vacation abroad don’t make you unpatriotic. Nah your money. Nah your choice.

Yes oooooo, not only would I beef, I go ponmo, shaki and ifuun sef cos me too wan go Zerengetti ooooooo.

Naira ti ko igba woole. Dollar lon soro.




14 thoughts on ““Summer Vacation”

  1. Morakinyo Bayode says:

    How I go buy Nigerian when I don live there? The irony is that I couldn’t afford to go to Naija hence Spain we dey backyard. No “bros, wetin you bring” there.
    Just let Kay Lord catch you. I no kuku dey there.

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