“Back & Forth”

So there’s this stuff I’d been postponing for sometime now that I finally decided to go buy.

I usually don’t bother so much about the unit cost of N400.00

I used to buy a whole pack, thus 10 units comes to N4,000.00
I buy other things too, something else at the cost of N200.00

The last time I was at the downtown shop I frequent, they didn’t have one of the things I wanted so I drove down to another place I consider expensive within the estate. Highclass and cozy, all AC, with 3 sales people, a cleaner plus security man for parking.

I avoid places like that cos it’s obvious their ‘high’ manpower cost is spread on stuffs you buy there.
Anyway, I patronise them when I’m faced with no other option.
Today, I decided to visit them first, especially since I wanted what I couldn’t get from my more local shop the last time.

They had it again and I decided to ask for the rates of 2 other stuffs I needed.

‘ABC was N550.00 and XYZ was N230.00’ – “Ahhhhhhhhhh, you guys are way off the roof” I said also insisting I was going down to my local shop.

I paid them off for the 2 things I picked, got into my car and drove off; seven streets away to the less fancy shop.

They were glad to see me.

Courtesies. Compliments.

I asked for my usual:

‘ABC was N750.00 and XYZ was N350.00’

“Yeeeeeeeee. What the . . . . ?”

I quickly informed I had to get some money from the bank and that I’ll be back.

Got into my car and engaged FRONT gear – Drive.

I swallowed my pride and drove back to the tush shop.

The attendant smiled, ‘What happened ?’

I told him to give me those 2 other stuffs and paid.

“Your stuffs are cheaper” I confessed.

Now add N200.00 extra in 10 places and another N120.00 in 5 places.

N2,600.00 – Fuel money for a couple of days or 5G data from airtel for a month.

I’m an Ijebuman ke.

“Ijebu rim wa,
Emi Omo Alaare,
Omo Olumushin anakoru,
Omo Lapekun esin gidi . . . ”

Buhari economy ain’t got nothing on me.

You gotta be smart mehnnnn.

Kikikikikikikikiiiiii !


* The Ijebus are very enterprising and hardworking people from Western Nigeria.



4 thoughts on ““Back & Forth”

  1. Adetola Okuwoga says:

    Obviously you are not Ibeju enough. I expected you to have researched where the fancy shop and less fancy one buy their wares from. Obviously they are retailers and there must be a wholesale depot somewhere that offers far less than you bought.

    Kikikikikiki ( laughing in Ibeju)

    Liked by 1 person

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