What a day it has been today; wet, wild and wacky but still, I made it to church, though drenched despite driving down.
The rains poured like the heavens were weeping.

You bet I was glad I made it for I also wept inside of me, and most especially for the excitement around the celebrations I witnessed.

In this day of marriage collapses and divorces, (mine inclusive).

Otunba and Mrs Asenuga (Baba, a retired military man and Mama, a tired teacher) celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.

Dr and Mrs Erikitola also celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary.

Another young couple were recognised for their 10th wedding anniversary.

For the 50th, the Pope sent a signed, very beautiful certificate all the way from Rome as a recognition of the immense achievement and the parish also presented a framed memorabilia in their recognition and honor. A bouquet of flower was also presented on behalf of the church by a former student of Mrs Asenuga whose wedding anniversary is also 30 years next year.

The 30th version as well as the 10th both got recognised by the parish with framed memorabilias and flowers too.

Lastly, cakes were announced for collection to both the 50th and 30th couples.

Such a moving and well deserved ceremony it turned out.

Marriage can be blissful afterall when you have humility, understanding, cooperation, respect and love for one another.

Though it takes the grace of God to achieve these, however couples have their acts cut out for them. They have significant roles to play for the success of their marriages.

Those who made 50, 30 and even 10 I’m sure have had serious misunderstandings and fights over the years but they must also have agreed with themselves that it’s a marathon and not a sprint.
Thus their ability to come so far.

To you out there also oiling the process and giving it all it takes to make the long haul, I say may you be rewarded.

Congratulations !


* Surulere is a Yoruba word that connotes the ultimate virtue of patience and perseverance.




13 thoughts on ““Surulere”

  1. Ralph says:

    Well written!

    Takes a great deal of patience to make marriages work.

    Kudos! To those have sustained it for 50 whole years, indeed it’s something good to learn from.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Funmi G. says:

    I think it starts with marrying the right person for you. That person can sometimes come in a package you dont recognise or reckon with. So, to filter further, self awareness is key. If you know who you are and what you appreciate then you’ll recognise it someone else – packaging be damned.

    Liked by 1 person

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