Ok, I hung up the phone on this individual a couple of weeks ago, very casually, tired.

Enough is enough. Full stop.


Follow me.
It all started like this . . .

. . . So I was inbox, chatting with this person on social media and I ended up with her digits.


“Ama call you in the morrow” I told her as it was a bit late.

I did call the following day and severally after that too.
The funny thing is whenever I did, she goes.

‘Who is this ?’ explaining she changed her phone or it just got stolen.

“I am so so and so” I would volunteer and we would speak on.

The next time again.

‘Sorry, who is this ?’


I used to wonder if she’s a black blonde. Can someone be really this s____d ?

So I had called yet again and she had picked my call with a conversation already in place.

I use a dual sim phone and I’d called her and spoken like 75 seconds when she asked again – For the umpteenth time.

‘Who is this ?’

Someone I spoke to 2 days earlier.

Apparently, I had used the second of my two lines. I guess she was used to the other.

But then.


It’s funny no more. I simply hung up.


To think I had been in a similar situation and this person shocked me.
I had called someone from way back and she recognised my voice instantly after like 3 years of not calling her.

She didn’t have my number again.
No airs. No frills. That’s BRILLIANCE.

You recognise brilliance when you see one.

She had said:

“O’Shine Original – Truth be told, you have a distinct voice and it would be clumsy of me not to have remembered it instantly.”


Call me for your voice overs guys – I am open for business.

My voice:
* * crisp * clear * creamy* *

Kikikikikikikikikiiiii !



26 thoughts on ““Brilliance”

  1. haaaaa haaaaa, my Goodness.
    every evening coming back home tired from job, when I open up your blog and read it, it kind of takes away my tiredness with your funny blogs.
    Not speaking a lie, I have read only two of your blogs till now. one was about the rats and the other one is this. and both were just “kikikikikikikikikiki”
    I will keep reading your blogs. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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