“Raves & Rants”

My younger brother started out his banking career at GTBank and that brought me close to a number of things I was hitherto ignorant about.

I remember when the bank started opening branches across West Africa; Liberia, Gambia, Ghana etc and I was really excited.

A Nigerian bank going international.


He brought me back to life with his revelation.

The balance sheets of those ‘international’ branches were not even up to what his unit in Lagos was doing.


Scratch that.

So when a federal government delegation to one of the East African nations had a friend aboard and also as a member of the joint commission to cement business relationships between both nations, I had JOKED if the whole thingy was worth it. The country in question though highly strategic in the region run an economy that was probably the size of Lagos State’s.

One or two friends that saw my comment raised few eyebrows concerning my position.

Reality is – I so wasn’t beefing.

I’ve wondered if we’ve not done enough of ‘Big Brotherliness’ without gain ?

Every transaction must bring positive gains to our country, first and foremost.

Ask the Americans – American interests FIRST.

Let’s come a lot nearer home.

Rantings I said ooooooo.
Check my headline again.
Ok, it says raves and rants.

Yeah, right.

Scratch that.

I just left this amala joint.
I wanted something different for a Sunday meal so I drove down.
5 servings of amala, 5 pieces of meat and water.
Finito. O tan.
I sat down and devoured same deliciously.
Ahhhhhh, no ila or ewedu oooooo, just plain old stew for me.

While at it, a young couple, obviously on their way back from church also breezed in – Wif their about three year old daughter. Same with this obviously still single babe as well.
Never mind the numerous other okada guys, old babas etc.

They were also in attendance. A mixture of upper and lower classes. Rich and poor. Everyone. The amala joint, a leveler.
The place buzzing with life.
Food is life and indeed, it is good business.

I strolled out. Satisfied and fully grateful for a great meal.

As I made for my car, there stood this young chap. What he stood there doing didn’t interest me so I looked away.
I opened my car and heard him greet me.
Before a twinkle, he was next to my car.

‘I’ve not eaten today sir’ he said.

I looked at him again. Sizing him up.
No disability. No hindrance barring him from working.

Begging these days come without shame. It has gradually without notice become a profession. People are nowadays known to make a career of it.

What is even much more baffling is that when you decline and don’t give, society now looks at you and define you as ‘wicked’.

What happened to the old belief:

“There’s dignity in labour ?”

Every corner you turn is a begger, someone waiting to sneak in on you for a kobo or what have you.

Hey, did I just say a KOBO ?

You give a kobo to anyone today at your own risk – Of being mocked.

“Awun ni man yen ke” – Stingy man.

Indeed times are hard, but it beats me why and how people have refused to be creative.

I was jolted into reality recently. Faced with a huge cost for a ladder rental cos I needed to repaint the house, I got my welder to make mine instead.

An 18 feet long and another half the lenght – Two ladders owned by me.


The cost of making those two were probably what I would’ve incurred renting per day for maybe 10 days.

I spent it and at the end owned mine.

Now, those same ladders have been hanging on my walls gathering dust since then.
I was glad to burrow them out to my niece when she did renovations at their place.

She’s kept them to herself for almost 3 months now; at a time returning and coming back to pick them.

If she had rented same – Calculate the cost.

So I dropped in on my amiable vulcaniser and made him a business proposition.

I keep the ladders in his care and he rents them out.
Sharing formula is 50 / 50.

He was so happy.

‘La ana ala na yi, wan si wa bi mi wipe ibo ni wa ti n rent ladder’ he said excitedly.
(Only this yesterday, I was asked where do they rent a ladder) pointing at a building 4 blocks away.

Those guys rented one at N1,000 for a few hours.

“Exactly wharramsayin mehnnnn.”

Yeah, you too can and should do something.
No matter how small.

Yes, we are in business ke.

Scratch that.

Kikikikikikikikikiiii !



21 thoughts on ““Raves & Rants”

  1. Lola says:

    This is no rave or rant. It’s”common sense”.You’re right, no matter how small just look around, you will definitely see a business idea. I think those able bodied beggars are just too lazy and they are being encouraged by people who give them money without raising eyebrows. I’ve seen hard working and physically challenged folks sell handkerchiefs in traffic. There really should be no food for lazy man.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. L. M. B. says:

    I admire your way of thinking, I wish I had someone like you 30 years ago … to show me the way …
    Now I have little interset to give it all my effort and make it work,
    Im tired … I have worked a record of 411 hours in one month … I still work 200. Had I had you … I would probably be working for myself.
    Keep up the good work!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Shaymâ says:

    It’s weird actually calling someone severally and then the person keeps asking who it is. Some are even funny, they call and go “hello, who am I speaking with?”, for the love of God you called didn’t you know the number you were dialling?

    Yes, the begging business is something else. Sometimes if you don’t give them as you pass, they start shouting a title “aunty aunty”, “alhaja alhaja”, “broda broda”, etc I mean, it’s just plain annoying. You know, I was talking about this with my sister and we came to the conclusion that if nothing is done about this, in some years we’d have beggars rent shops for alms, honestly.

    Nice work👍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. . . . Rolling on the floor with your conclusion.

      ‘Rent shop for alms.’


      I see it’s the same attitude and culture worldwide.

      ‘Who am I speaking to?’ when it’s you who called.


      Same with beggars. It’s gradually becoming an HARRASSMENT.


      Liked by 1 person

      1. Shaymâ says:

        It’s true nao. Every corner you turn now you find at least two and they don’t even ask nicely. Some have hot spots, is it not shop already sef?

        Liked by 1 person

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