“At a loss”

You know that feeling you have when at a total loss what, when and how to write – A mental block.

That feeling most writers develop over their inability to come up with sound and exciting ideas or stories etc.

Wait sef, am I a writer ?

I’m also at a loss over that conjecture.


I feel more at home as a social media entertainer who tell stories by writing.


Ok, I started blogging seven weeks now and then I wake up sometimes over same period with nothing to post on the blog.

Not able to figure out exactly what to yarn about. Then I look through my archives and see numerous other write ups, really exciting ones (to me) but kinda tribal or political or religious; controversial to say the least.

I’ve asked myself – Do I write or express myself for the public or for me ?

Why do I care ?

But I care all the same.
With readership and friends from all nooks and crannies of the world; India, Kenya, South Africa, Congo, Egypt, Oman, Canada, Ghana, Liberia, USA, UK, UAE, Italy, Germany, France, Ireland etc.

The other day, I referred to a woman as a man and I also thought a man a woman.

‘I am not a guy’, the young lady screamed. Then the man too, ‘I am a man oooooo’

To think I also chatted away with this person so delightedly, and then found out she’s just 17 years.
Quite mature for her age.

I’ve come across all sorts of people; sweet, kind, nice, etc. Strangers, most of them.

See why I have to care ?

To think there are even thoughts or things I can’t put to paper. Things I shiver at the mere thought of writing.


Ita ma daru ni. (Outside go scatter)

My Secrets.
Your Secrets.
More secrets.

For those who think I talk too much, I guess you can now see how so considerate I can be.

I think about you afterall.

I hate controversies too.

I’m on your side !



36 thoughts on ““At a loss”

  1. O’Shine, really this is what I thought of writing once but did not write this. Huuuu huuuuuuuuuu mommmmmyyyyyy O’Shine wrote this before I could write.
    Haaaaaa haaaaaaa.
    Well very honest and very nice blog. I not liked but loved it.

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  2. I am still unable to answer that simple question to myself that you arose that,
    “Am I writing this for me or the others ?”
    And if they are ‘others’ then why do we stop by their writing most of the time.
    This is not a ‘destined to be friends’ -like thing but yes this is a ‘friends’ thing.
    And as they are friendly and they give their time to us then why to call them as ‘others’??
    Really nice.

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  3. ANM7 says:

    Fun post. Thanks for this.
    Often, because I found out that due to “Duality” ideas come by contrast (I write about this hoping you have some interest) and this has been proven by; a) my jogging round the house (not fast) for ten minutes. b) taking up a chore (dishes anything).
    Also continuing the night fast (don’t eat breakfast right away). The Spirit is strong then, on a fast. Creative.
    The contrast thing is due to boredom, wishing to validate itself the Psyche becomes creative.
    So long

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  4. Your posts are entertaining. I must admit I read a lot of them, more than I have read at any other blog
    Can you guess if I’m a man or woman? it’ll be fun. I hope you get it wrong.
    And thanks for visiting my blog.

    Liked by 1 person

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