“Old Age”


‘Age’ they say is a number while ‘Old’ is a feeling.


My friend, Toyen_YEN was fifty yesterday in America.
Another one, CY – The owner of Abe Igi (my lunch place) is going to hit the golden mark come November, serious plans are underway too. I still teased her what the preferred theme would be yesterday. Big or small party ?

Interestingly too, Dapsy my (long) friend is hitting the GOLDEN age next month.

He messaged me a few days ago:

‘Hi Bro.
Please keep Sunday the XYZth of October free.
Will be 50 on the ABCth of October, God willing, and planning on having a thanksgiving and taking my male friends to lunch on the XYZth, when I’m back in Nigeria.
(Madam won’t be around, so no wives). Will send details later. Cheers.’


“:D – At no wives.

As if I get one.


Happy Birthday in advance.

You will celebrate 100 too.


So happy for you – SMALL BOI



It’s funny how marking birthdays not only remind us but scares us into realising how so old we have become or are becoming.

One good reason I don’t celebrate birthdays. Forget the unnecessarily huge costs too.


Ok, you’re wondering what my age is ?
Lemmie just say it here and loud.
I’m not these guys mate ooooooo.

Older. Younger – Watch this space.

Just this morning, I was at the gate with two neighbours; Miss K and Mrs. O – I had strayed into Mrs. O who had travelled home with her big sis to bury sister’s husband who passed after a brief illness.
He would’ve been celebrating his 74th birthday at the end of the month.
She was gisting me about the carnival like burial when Miss K dropped in on us.

‘You’ she screamed Miss K, when she sighted me.

‘Where have you been – Did you travel for summer or what ?’ she asked.

Traaaaa_WHAT ? I wondered.

‘Uncle G is always around Mrs. O’ chipped in.

We all chatted away. Laughed, hilariously too – All three of us, after which they exited my gate.

As they did, I sighted another neighbour. A beautiful young female, strolling down.

I was glad to have let go of my older female neighbours.
As the young lady strolled towards my direction, I fixated my gaze on her; very intentionally and with the objective of locking eyes with her.

Yeah, it’s no longer a secret. I love (like) beautiful women.

Even much better when they’re intelligent.

Sorry about the diversion.

So as I locked my gaze with hers, I followed with a sweet tender smile.

She returned same and I engaged gear – DRIVE.

“HI” in my crisp baritone voice.

Her response was a jolt back to reality for me.

Another reminder of old age.

‘Good morning sir’ she said.

Chaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii !



57 thoughts on ““Old Age”

  1. Prince says:

    Just imagine…”Goodmorning Sir ”
    Humnnnnnnnnnnn, the other day my kids showed me my Old Driver Licence Booklet, I was started……..i shared at it for more than five minutes before returning it back to them.

    ..this could be a reality check you know!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hilarious.. Nice to meet you Sssiirr 😉
    Just thought I’d drop by and thank you for deciding to following my blog and liking some of my posts, I really appreciate it and it is of great encouragement for me.
    P.S: African men and beautiful women (shaking my head).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. . . . Good morning my friend.
      Age is jeest a number. Like time, it’s a reminder that life is creeping in on you and it ain’t gonna wait for no one.
      Good to age with grace too.

      As in, don’t be an agbaya.



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