“Feeling Mischievous”

So it’s my friend’s landmark birthday today and she posted stuffs like ‘September babes rocking’ and ‘Virgo people being the best’ etc on her fcbk page.

You guys know I like courting trouble.

So I landed with one of those twisted opinions of mine:

“Virgos are no longer virgins”

My comment was the very first and she’s LIKED every other after it while ignoring mine.

What she don’t know is I’m not bothered. I actually feel honored and excited for singling me out.
A young lady once confided in me.

‘If I walk into a room with ten men and I greet nine leaving out one, the one I didn’t make contact with is the one I like the most’ she said.









The secret is OUT.

I’m her BAE.

Before Anyone Else !



28 thoughts on ““Feeling Mischievous”

  1. L. M. B. says:

    Nice …
    God made us the way we are ….
    Live with it,
    Love it or leave it.
    Im not perticularly in love with my body … but thats my fault and problen …
    But he’s done a faboulous job an many outhers … its no use complaining! Enjoy and go on.
    Its nice to have you as a … “Friend?”. Big hugg ( my arms would probably only be enough to embrace an arm of yours ! But its the thought that counts.

    Liked by 4 people

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