“In GOD we trust”

I needed to talk to a contact at a client’s office and put a call to through to her mobile line – Switched off, so I called the front dest to put me through to her.

It was picked after several rings.
In the background were claps and tongues speaking and singing.

After a 4 days long weekend cum holidays.
On the first working day of the week at that.

Time: 10.10 am.

What were they doing between 7.00 am to 7.30 am if those prayers were that important ?

What happens also if a staff member is a Muslim or even one who don’t share the same denominational beliefs ?

The front desk person promised to pass my message across to my contact and that she’ll call me back.

This same person was to have called me back last week but didn’t.

To think they’re ‘praying’ possibly for good business and prosperity yet they won’t play the part.

This reminds me of an ‘egbon’ (older person) of mine that I visited in his shop one Thursday.
Thursdays in Lagos are usually sanitation days around markets, so I proceeded to his place after 10.00 am as they can’t open shops till that time of the morning.
I got there about 11.00 am and met him in his call taking a call. I waited in mine till he got down.
Took him another 8 minutes or so to open the numerous padlocks on his doors before we gained entry.
I made to tell him my reason for coming over as I was also in a hurry and equally not to disturb his flow that early.

He cut in:

‘Mo ma ko ko gbadura’
(I have to pray first).

I mellowed and calmed down.

He asked that I sat down and that I should look beside my chair for a Bible.

‘Please open to 1st Corinthians 9: 1-11’ he said.
See this man ooooo I thought to myself as I did.
A customer came in as I shared the word with him.

‘We are praying’ he told the customer and ignored him.

I looked in wonderment thinking, were we not praying for customers ?

I finished reading the part of the Bible and he opened his too and said the Gospel, then preached the sermon too.

I wondered again to myself if he would’ve done all these alone if I hadn’t come.
Another customer came again and he got the same cold shock treatment.

‘We are praying.’

I was thinking to myself, but God is already answering this man’s prayers and yet he doesn’t know it.
For me I’m sure he’s prayed before leaving his home and he could also have prayed while in his car or even in his mind as he attended to these customers.

I find it totally appalling and baffling the way and manner Nigerians conduct their businesses.

Holy Moses.

Let Us Pray !



21 thoughts on ““In GOD we trust”

  1. L. M. B. says:

    My friend … this is my point of view … ( if your interested, I belive you do!)
    Give God what belongs to God! ( your soul. )
    Gove man what belongs to man! ( money. )
    And be what you are at its best …
    Yourself and my friend, everything elae … ( egoistic? Hows not? Throught the first stone! (Make shure you put on a helmet before you pronounce it.
    Yours sincerly.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lanre says:

    Same as starting every rubbish meeting with a prayer! Gosh! I don’t understand why people cant just respect other’s views. I have never witnessed prayers in any meeting abroad!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. . . . It’s simply being Insensitive to other’s beliefs.
      The truth is flip the coin over and these same people resist other religions. That you’re the dominant religion doesn’t say you should disregard the other ones.
      Live and let live.


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