“Anatomy of the Female Power”

If I say I don’t like women, people would say I’m a liar.

It’s really not a secret anymore – Everyone knows that I do.

Ok, I noticed sometime ago there’s this new chick in my neighbourhood.
I see her going and coming back often.

On a number of these times, our eyes connected and I’ve said “Hi” and with positive responses.

So you can imagine how LUCKY I felt one evening driving home just before 7.00 pm to get in through the main gate before it’s locked.
Lo and behold, there I saw her, right ahead of me, strolling home from work.

Majestically too.

I didn’t think twice about stopping for her at all at all.

I applied my car brakes right beside her and wound down, “Hello” I said and she mumbled same back.

“C’mon inside” I signalled.

She politely said she was okay, especially since we were just 3 streets away anyway.

By this time, my car engine gave some funny sound like it was about to choke to death.

“Ehnnnnnnnn ehnnnnnnnn, wetin ?” I thought to myself.

I ignored the car’s sign and stepped up my effort in cajoling her for a ride with me.

I won the title winning “clash” – She opened the passenger door and got in.

Now, let’s start moving and my engine just gave up the ghost, blatantly refusing to start.

‘Tayuuun yuuuun yuuuuun’
‘Tayuuun yuuuun yuuuuun’
‘Tayuuun yuuuun yuuuuun’

It refused outrighly.
I put off the AC and radio.
No dice still.

Pulled open the hood and got down.
Checked engine. Chaiiiiiiiiiiiiii, see dust on my engine ooooo. What do I even know about engine ? I wondered to self.

I slammed the bonet shut and climbed back in to try my luck again.

‘Tayuuun yuuuun yuuuuun’
‘Tayuuun yuuuun yuuuuun’
The thing roared back to life.

I was shaken.
Abi omo yi ni anjonu lara ni ke.
(Are spirits following her)
Wondering why I even stopped ?

We didn’t say much as she alighted in front of my house to walk down to hers.

But the funny thing is I didn’t even ask for her name.
I don’t even know what she does and neither did we discuss where she works.

So I hatched another plan.

Yesterday evening, at about the same time – I went to lay in wait for her once again around same spot.

I had waited like forever – To the extent I was locked outside the gate. I had to merry go round to come in.

See me, see trouble ooooooo.
(Look at me. Look at me)

Anyway sha, as man no die, man no rotten – I’m thinking of going there again this evening.

But seriously, if I’m your brother, would you advice me so ?

Kikikikikikikikikikikiiiii !



34 thoughts on ““Anatomy of the Female Power”

      1. L. M. B. says:

        How are you doing Bobo? Tomorrow’s my last day here in Italy… sad to have to go back to Germany … “Deutschland”! I need moral suport Bro!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. L. M. B. says:

        It was nice to get away, the weather was bad most of the time, ( for bathing in the sea & sightseeing that is. ) We travelled around and shared time with family, now its back to work and pulling up our sleeves for another year! Glad to know I have friends.

        Liked by 1 person

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