“I always feel like – Somebody’s watching ME”

I’m a child of the late 60s and if you’re one too, you’ll agree with me growing up back in the day was relatively easy.
It was communal in nature. The entire neighbourhood was your family, your teacher, your comfort zone.

Growing up in the 70s and 80s was pure fun and relatively safe and peaceful.

I remember the countless number of errands I ran for my Mum having lost my Dad at the age of 10 and also having to come back home from school all alone about 15 kilometres away, after a kind neighbour must’ve dropped me in the morning.

Per chance you misbehaved out of sight of your parents and you’re unlucky to have been seen by anyone; a family, a friend or neighbour. Be assured your parents would sure know.

​Not so anymore.
These days, I’m not so comfortable letting my two naive and adorable youngsters out of my sight.
Funnily, they wanna be set free. They want to sail off on their own and sincerely in all innocence, oblivious of the great danger the world has evolved into.

At church, daughter be like:

‘Daddy, I want to wee wee’ and off she goes to the loo.
Son too is usually acting same script.

‘Daddy, can I ?’ he asks once I let the sister go.

Once Mass is over, they set off to the car even when I’m still chit chatting with my friends.
They’re never interested in that.

They just want out and get home and then . . .

. . . Ok, Sundays are usually our eat out days – Domino’s pizza, KFC chicken and fries or The Place’s steaming hot jollof rice is the schedule after church.
​Their only interest.

Then the day all that changed.
I had gone late to church alone, so I had to stay outside under a canopy as I couldn’t get a seat inside at that time.
Other late comers joined too.

Mass almost over, something interesting happened.
I had noticed all along a young couple with their toddler and nanny.
The little boy kept running up and down the vast space outside with the nanny running after him.
On one of these scenes, the nanny had stopped briefly to extend me a greeting.

‘Daddy Tee, good morning’ she said.

I had to look sideways – Both sides to be sure I was the one being greeted.
Shocked and obviously confused.

“Do I know you ?” I asked.

‘I used to be Mummy Tee’s nanny way back’ she said.

‘Greet Tee for me sir’ she concluded and walked away after telling me her name.

Now imagine if she meant any harm ? God knows I wouldn’t have known.

I asked my son later on if he knew ‘Sister Ngozi’ but he couldn’t even remember her.

With the intensely rampant insecurity and kidnappings around us in this present time, the thought still gives me shivers.

My advice:
“God helps those who help themselves”

Watch your back !




43 thoughts on ““I always feel like – Somebody’s watching ME”

  1. Foluwake Adebayo says:

    Very true !. Learnt today that a youngster strangled a 2 -3 year old boy and quickly put him in the knapsack he carried. However, he was caught !. We’ve got to really watch our backs !. May God continually keep us & ours !

    Liked by 1 person

  2. In this world we live in today, it pays to be watchful of everyone and cautious. Parents really need to monitor babysitters and nannies, too. Children need extra protection, people that were once trusted cannot be readily trusted today. I really enjoyed reading your article. It was very interesting.

    Liked by 1 person

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