“The guilty are always afraid”

I remembered something now and I started laughing all to myself.

I write a lot about my background and hugely too about my past so I’ve had close friends ask me if and when I’m going to write about a particular girl I dated at the university.
We dated for four years before the cookies crumbled.

Truth is, we were headed for the altar.
Both families in agreement with the friendship till it hit the rocks.

I really can write more than a book on that subject matter but I’ve so far let sleeping dogs lie.

“Let your past make you better, not bitter”

The funny thing however, is the person in question.

We drop into one another sparingly and have done so maybe only about five times since we went our different ways in 1994.

I saw her about 7 years ago on fcbk and indeed added her.
Old things have passed away and indeed broken hearts had healed.
I extended a hand of fellowship, or was it friendship.

Let’s be friends – Again.

She gladly accepted, or so I thought.

My friends list was at that time a bagful of people I knew so well, so when I noticed after about a week that she was quiet, I searched for her and discovered interestingly she had unfriended me.

I laughed so much that day, thinking my sometimes frank but ‘crazy’ posts must’ve scared the shit outta her.

I was still very young when that breakup happened and it was like rapture. Four years of your life thrown away – Energy, time, resources all gone down the drain.

Took awhile for me to deal with it but indeed, I dealt with it.

Shit happens you know. Moved on irrespective.

​”When life throws lemon at you, make lemonade.”
So I’ve kept wondering, what was she afraid of ?

Remembering this anytime makes me laugh all by myself mehnn.
Wish I have an answer.

Still beats me.

Kikikikikikikikikiiiii !



30 thoughts on ““The guilty are always afraid”

  1. L. M. B. says:

    I love it … occationally I too find myself laugthing all by myself! Those are the best most sincer laugths.
    Cheers Bobo … heres to your health …
    Even if its only coffee.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. . . . Tea is my preference.

      I don’t talk to myself. I find that extremely strange. However, I laff to and about myself a huge lot.
      Most times I do a review of my day in my head at night and I just laugh like there won’t be tomorrow.


      Liked by 1 person

  2. oluwaseun says:

    O’shine ooooo

    I feel for you sha, life goes ooooooooon.
    But, wait o, honestly, what’s she scared of????
    Well, maybe she’s trying not to fall all over again….


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