“Owner’s Manual”

Alo ooooooo, alooooo. (Story story. Storyyyýyyy)

A friend had called me to know if I was home and then asked:

‘Se o longe ni ile – Do you have food at home ?’

“Oyo”, I told him. “Jeest buy suya come, I go provide garri Ijebu and Siberia cold water.”

Suya and garri Ijebu down.

We got gisting about the economic hardship, childhood escapades and the wahalas (troubles) by househelps.

His wife is adamant about having one while he can do without.
Bottomline, they own a help. Or if it’ll sound much better, they’ve got a help.

​I told him my opinion.
In all honesty, they’re a huge hindrance and sometimes disaster waiting to happen.

You’re lucky when they don’t turn back the hands of the clock on your family – Your whole life, that is.

Snatch your spouse, steal you dry, turn neighbours against you, poison you, harm your children . . .

. . . Then my friend made a confession.

His first sex was with an older help they had while growing up – As an underage too.

“Ohhhhhhh boy”, I screamed.

“You’ve been abused.”

He disagreed outrightly with me.

Apparently, he enjoyed it while it lasted, and was still relishing the memories.


This just HIT you like a tornado right.
You also leave your little lilies in the hands of helps I can see.
Thoughts of it gives you shudders.

You’re wondering what they’re always up to ?

It’s a really cold cold world out there.

​The huge reality is, out there could also be right here . . .
. . . In your house.

Be guided !



21 thoughts on ““Owner’s Manual”

    1. . . . Everything is scary nowadays. However, we can within our own sphere of influence protect ourselves against some of those vices by taking decisive decisions that’ll positively work in our favour. My concern mostly are the innocent young children put in harm’s way. They need utmost protection and care from us. They seriously do.


  1. Yesss. Found the post.
    Truly, having a househelp is like taking a huge risk. You just don’t know what you will get. And your friend was abused. Generally, children are usually abused by people they know and people we trust. People we trust enough to leave our children with. We need to start educating our children about sex early on, so they can know when they have been abused and report immediately.

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