Told him this was absolutely consuming and crazy to have gotten a second nomination in a matter of days.

​He was responsible for this:

Lovely guy with an even lovelier blog.
You won’t regret visiting him there.


It’s taken me 3 days to respond. I thank you immensely pal.
Here I go.


• Show the award on your blog
• Thank the person that has nominated you
• Share 7 different facts about myself
• Nominate 10 – 15 blogs of your choice
• Link your nominees and let them know of your nomination


Seven Facts About Me:

7. Even if I say so myself – I’m not a womaniser.
It’s all jeest a script. Been joking and acting up. If I had said Barack Obama was my cousin ya all won’t have believed me anyway, so I wonder why you should now.


6. My inspiration for writing comes from what I take in around me; family, friends, environment, society etc.
Anything and indeed, everything in the world around me.

You. Me. All of us.

5. I am a very creative minded person. The things I do with my mind turned real are massively awesome.

4. I’m a huge lover of good music.
I listen to all types so long as I can relate; rap, rhythm and blues, pop, classic, rock, reggae, highlife, juju, apala, afrobeats etc.

3. I was born, bred and buttered in Lagos, Nigeria.

2. I’ve two innocently beautiful children.
A boy and a girl.

1. I love to laugh. I love life. I live life.

My nominees are:









Nominees are not obliged to take part but are welcome to add the award to their sites for recognition.
This is how bloggers wonderfully support one another by sharing so many inspiring ideas.

These bloggers certainly have staying power and make a difference.

Do enjoy my selections.



40 thoughts on ““Versatility”

  1. Beautiful post and thanks so much for the nomination.
    It is crystal clear that u love and live life, your children are lucky for your presence I am sure.
    You are very very hilarious and please keep up the good work.
    Thanks for the support.

    Liked by 2 people

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