“Dumb founded”

I had seen 2 missed calls on my phone that early Monday morning – From the same number.

I called back and the voice at the other end had asked me to identify myself.

“I am returning your call” I calmly volunteered.

A momentary hesitation and then, ‘Ohhhhhhh, Oshhhh’ he screamed.

‘This is ABC.
How are you ?
I got your digits from XYZ when I ran into him last week.

How is your Mum ?
I remember your sister too. She went to one of those girl’s schools.
Ohhhhhhh, yeah and your younger brother.’


A friend I last saw about 40 years ago. No one seemed to have a clue where he was before now.

He’s still the same old restless, talkative guy.

I caught my breath eventually and reeled out answers to his many endless questions.

“My Mum’s late and so is that Sis of mine” I informed him.

‘I lost my big brother too’ he swiftly responded.

‘I was fifty years old three months ago’ he concluded.

“How’s your family ?” I asked.
“Wife and kids.”

A brief silence and then an answer.

‘No wife or kids yet ooooo’ he said.

‘When we see we’ll talk more about it’ he also said.

We exchanged further pleasantries and moved on.

No family.

What the f.ck ?

Life can sometimes be an arsehole.
I’m still in shock.

Phew !



16 thoughts on ““Dumb founded”

  1. Hmm
    Rather sad.
    I don’t know this friend of yours but sometimes it’s really not about destiny or luck.
    Sometimes it’s misplaced priorities
    What has he been chasing after for the past fourty years?
    Now that’s a question I’d like to get an answer to.

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  2. Luigi Massimo Bianco says:

    Life goes on … and on and on … with or without us, we get the cards dealt and you play your “Poker Game!” named LIFE. … Sad for your friend Like you say my friend …If if destiny was good with you and you had a… “good hand” , and played well … then thank God.
    Until God opens the next door … praise him in the hallway!

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