“One Good Deed”

I felt so so good the entire day that day, indeed walking talk.

Earlier it had been a battle finding a parking space within the premises of the bank and so I was getting worked up.
Right ahead of me was a neighbour and fcbk friend’s car so I knew I had to behave and be calm all the same.

Got a space eventually and walked through the revolving door of the bank into the wide hall downstairs.

Descending the stairs was a young lady, cladded in her national youth service uniform, beaming with smiles at me.
She stopped right on track when she got levelled with me.

‘Good morning sir’ she said still all smiles.

Strangely, I turned to look behind me.

“Sorry, must be a mistaken identity” I said.

‘No sir, I used to attend your church.
You gave me money for my school accommodation years back’ she said.

True, it all came flooding back.

She had walked up to me in 2009 / 10 or so.

Dejected. Sad and in deer need.

‘My landlady is going to throw me out if I don’t pay for my accommodation by mid week’ she said.

The little money in her possession was not even enough to pay her school fees and with a deadline for same week too, she had explained.

It wasn’t just her delimma as I also wasn’t too buoyant as I stood listening to her.

Ordinarily I don’t buy such stories but I found myself giving her my phone number.

“Call me tomorrow”.

That call led to her coming to my house.

I had to forego my pay TV subscription for the month and then scoop some other stuffs here and there.
I gave her the money and she was rooted to her seat.
Not believing it. Probably thinking it had a price tag or something else.

I told her to go.

If I had run into her thereafter, I probably would not even have recognised her again.

Here she was, right in front of me. She had finished school and was undergoing her national youth service.
All smiles. Happy ever after for the both of us.
That discovery made my day.
One good deed, brightens the world.

‘To be doing good deeds is man’s glorious task.’

Do good – It pays !



22 thoughts on ““One Good Deed”

  1. Wow. Nice. Love this. It’s easier to give when one has so much then it is to give when you have little yourself. That’s true charity. The fact that you had to inconvenience yourself to help is what is truly inspiring.

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