“Hug Somebody”

Social media means a thousand and one things to all of us.
People who are familiar with me; family and friends have wondered why I spend so much time therein.

If you’ve followed me well enough you need no introduction.
However, if you’re amiss as to wharramsaying.
Just hang in there.

Wait and watch, like a thief in the night.

You’ll definitely gerrit if you so do – Hang tight.

Behind those smiles, those jokes, those lovely photos, those stories – There are also serious life issues.

Anyone. Everyone. Someone.
All of us. You and I.

I’ve numerous examples of positive impacts this place has made on me, but ama limit myself to just two outlined below.


I remember being linked by a female friend years back to hook up with this really humorous and friendly chap.
When I say humorous, I mean it to the letter.
With time we hooked up over chicken laps and drinks.
He wondered about my family.

‘You’re just about your kids’ he said.

“Yeah, I’m divorced” I informed him without batting an eyelid.

‘Whatttttttttt ?’ He couldn’t believe it.

He wanted to know what happened and I wasn’t so interested. I was TIRED talking about that shit.
A story I’ve told possibly over a million times.

I ended up telling it all at the end of the day.

The dating. The proposal. The marriage. The wife. The separation. Her family. My lawyer. The end.

He was awed.

We parted eventually and went our different ways afterwards.
He kept in touch too. Most people usually end up avoiding me thereafter.


“Do not be unequally yoked” I guess.

It so does not bother me too, nahhhhh.

One Saturday afternoon, my guy called me.

‘Can I have your lawyer’s number ?’ He asked.

‘I need to teach my wife a huge lesson. I need her to be served by a lawyer my intent to call it quits with this marriage’ he went on.

Distraught. Sad. Unhappy.

I blatantly refused to dance to his tune.

“Capital NO” I told him.

I heard how when his wife is wrong, he usually knelt down begging, crying, dying inside – Just to make peace.
How he says this to their children and wifey says the exact opposite.

He was just tired. Fagged out.

I calmed him down, telling of the consequence of starting what he doesn’t intend to finish.

“What if your threat backfires ?” I made him see.

I never gave him any number.

(My lawyer is my fcbk friend – I hope he’s not reading ?)

Today they’re both happy and still together.
I’m happy for them. For his family. For him.


Something entirely different but of immense significance also happened between myself and another fcbk friend.
Here is someone that could easily be passed off as aloof.
Highly successful youngman and also very prominently visible on social media.
I don’t recall him ever being on my page but I visit his from time to time. His posts are always nerving anyway. Once in awhile he likes my comments, sometimes he replies and answers back and other times he completely ignores.

So this day, he made one of those rich posts of his and I dropped a comment.

If you’ve noticed something about my visits to other’s pages, I hardly tow the line everybody tows.
People are usually agreeing, hailing and wailing.
I prefer seeing what people don’t see, followed by my comment.

It has backfired a number of times too.

I dropped my comment and moved on.

The next thing that happened was shockingly revealing.

My perceived aloof friend came inbox.

‘You’re smart to have noticed’ he said.

He went on to tell me things I cannot reveal here. In confidence. In total trust.

God’s marvellous miracle to his family very recently – Everything.

‘Not many who know me know “our story”

I tell you because you had the presence of mind to notice.

Thank you so much, bro.’ – He concluded.

I’ve never seen anyone genuinely so happy.

I was very happy for him too.

The power of social media.

Be nice to someone. You never know the vein you’re touching.
That we all smile and laugh herein doesn’t mean we don’t have real issues.

Give someone hope.

Help someone.
Heal someone.
Hug someone.

Touch a life.

Right NOW.

The rich also cry !



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