“Two in One”

One plus one equals two.
That’s my story herein right now.
Two nominations so to say.

First is from:


He chuns out posts worthy of immense interest.
As his name suggests, his posts are just IDEAL.


Though late in responding, I accept his nomination . . .

The anwers to the questions are as follows:

1.) If you were to live another person’s life, whose would it be and why ?

Truth is I’ve never ever wanted to be someone else. I don’t and hardly envy people.
I just love being ME.

I sincerely don’t wanna be no one but ME.

2.) Favorite film of any genre and why ?

I watched The Little Man, a comedy with a date in the mid 2000s and I was giggling and chuckling with her at the cinema back then.

Ten years later, I watched the exact same comedy with my children and it was just the same experience.

I watched them, both of them, happy and rolling, laughing and truly excited.

It was one of those truly happy family moments.

3.) Musician or lyricist ? Which would you prefer ?

Gimmie Tupac Shakur for this.
I guess he combines both.

4.) What super power would you choose to have ?

To be able to slap sense into some people. At least give them a lil scare.


5.) What songs and/or which singers are in your playlist ?

I’ve no playlist.
I listen to anything and everything.

6.) What do you think is the greatest weakness of mankind ?

In one word.

7.) In a word, describe my blog and say why ?

Ideally intriguing.

8.) Can you please critique any or one of my posts and tell me how I might be able to improve if I do ever feel like writing one like is some time soon ?

I honestly can’t lay my fingers on one.

9.) If I had amnesia, how would you make me remember you ? Assume that we have known each other for as long as necessary.

I bet you can’t forget that.

10.) If everything starts with a lie, what’s yours ?

I don’t like women.
Tongue out.

My Nominees are:







And I would love to hear them answer the same questions as above.

In as much as I would love my nominees partake in this, they aren’t obliged to take part if against their wish.

Thanks for following everybody.

Take great care of yourselves

The rules:
Just answer the questions and nominate other bloggers to whom you give your own questions to be answered in their turn. It’s that simple.


Second is from:

Shyma –


She called this REVENGE served cold.


Stone cold gentle gheee.
I like her alot. Don’t ask me why. I just like her.
Her posts have gotten me hooked like an addict I guess.
I’m hoping I won’t be needing rehab on the long run.

I bet you still don’t need me to ask you to go see her blog.

Magnificent, I called it the last time.
I’m sure it’s still nothing short of that.

She nominated me for the Three Quotes Per Day Award.

Rules of the challenge (as usual):

Thank the person who nominated you.
Three quotes for three days.
Three nominees each day (no repetition).
Inform the nominees.

My first quote for this challenge is:

“What makes you different or weird – That’s your strength”
– Meryl Streep

Origin of the quote is unknown.
I had come about it in one of those random moments of mine where and when I went QUOTES gathering.


This quote is very descriptive of me.

Weird. Strange. Different. Uncommon.

Those are also the same words that most times stands me out.
My strengths I guess.

This Simply Means:

Don’t be afraid to stand out. Do not, I repeat, flinch to be different. Don’t even bat an eyelid doing what suits you. Sometimes you just gotta be selfish like that.
Do what gingers your swagger.

Be YOUnique !





And the game begins . . . These nominees are FUN_tastic.



Talk about killing two birds with one stone.

I just did that.

Kikikikikikikikikiiiiiiii !


25 thoughts on ““Two in One”

  1. “Hilarious” invisible man, some people really need some sense slapped into them. So I guess you’d do it (the slapping), laughing kikikkkikikikki (copy cat me).
    {“What makes you different or weird – That’s your strength”
    – Meryl Streep} Deep and nice.

    Hahahaha. Stone cold gentle hunh! Thanks for accepting this.
    And hey! Nice post.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. . . . I’m trying hard not to. Lol.

      Sometimes you’re also tempted to copy a good one you come in contact with.

      Always better to fashion a style for yourself though. Well nurtured, it could become a brand. An identity.

      Thanks ma’am.

      Liked by 2 people

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