This is all I do.

Where I’ve friends whose focus is on hitting balls here and there playing golf.

I also have some who just smash the ball back and forth playing tennis.

I’ve others too, whose passion remains jogging and running the road networks.

Each and everyone of us gears our individual passion towards being fit and firm.

Living or is it cultivating a healthy lifestyle.

I started out by getting my first bike this month 3 years ago – October, 2013.

In all honesty, I had not mounted a bike for almost 30 years before that decision of mine to get one for myself.

I practically had no clue how to balance once more on a bike.

By mid November, 2013, I sure was cruising all over my neighbourhood on my newly acquired second hand mountain bike.
I had done this routine for maybe the next 3 months when on one fateful Saturday morning, I hit a new route wherein I fell into the hands of a cycling group.

That day, I did the unthinkable, riding with the group over a somewhat distance of over 30 kilometers.

That was the journey, my personal adventure into the serious world of cycling.

I got a brand new road bike in May 2014 and cycling became a lifestyle for me.
With the new bike, I did much more longer distances.

Chunning out rides up to 100 kms atimes.
I did a consistent 40 – 50 and above on a regular basis too.

Looking back, 3 years later on, I’ve cycled virtually every week in the last over 1,000 days and must have clocked a distance of approximately 20 kilometres per ride.

At an average of 20 kms per ride, 52 rides per year times, thus is an estimated total of 3,120 kilometers over the past 3 years.

Cycling is huge huge fun as you can see from my various photo shots.
The places visited on my bike plus the several new friends made cycling.

Have fun as you look through.

This is O’Shine the CYCLIST.
I raise a toast to ME !



49 thoughts on ““CYCLING”

      1. I love sports so.. Weightlifting can be fun *winks*. Boxing, wrestling could be more fun (if you’re the one laughing at them haha)
        Sprints, squash, etc. I’m in the process of learning something new. Guess what? Tkd or karate, still not sure which to choose (though it might eventually be karate )

        Liked by 1 person

      2. . . . Wiiiikiiiiiid gheeeeeeee.

        Who you wanna be beating ?

        Good you wanna be startin somethin though.

        Do something that you love and lerrit kill you.
        (That’s a quote ooooo)

        Just Do It.


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  1. That’s awesome! I’m thrilled to see Nigerians venturing into cycling. I hope to enter that arena soon. At least once winter passes. I’m working on swimming right now and eventually I’ll get a bike so I can start working on my triathlon. Way to go!

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    1. . . . Hello Queen Latifat.


      Though it’s a recent phenomenon, we have well organised cycling clubs around here too and in most major cities as well.
      The craze is huge.

      But it’s an expensive addiction getting all the gadgets.
      My kids swim but I can’t.


      It’s another sport I would love to do. We also have people who do triathlon here.

      Being engaged in a sport is excitingly healthy.

      Thanks for stopping by.

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    1. Cycle safe roads and destinations. Safety is very key. Wear your helmet, gloves and pads at all times. Use adequate lights if and when cycling at dawn or late at night.

      Cycle in a group if there’s one . . . It’s a lot more fun.

      Happy cycling.


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