“My most ‘Embarrassing’ Moment”

It’s quite heart warming when a totally unknown young man shows up at your doorstep not just asking, but begging and pleading that his church society wants you to come and deliver their annual lecture.

That was wayback in 2002.
I had gotten invited by the CYON (Catholic Youth Organisation of Nigeria) Chapter of St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Isolo – Lagos to speak on _ _ _ _. That was my first public lecture and did I prepare ?
Oh sure I did and over prepared too.

The D-Day came and I drove myself down in my cherished BMW 3 Series which I’d fitted with an anti theft security device I hardly used.
My big brother on assisting to buy the car had insisted I fit it with an anti theft device.

On this day – The church was filled to capacity, parking was an impossibility so I parked several blocks away.
With my leaving the car on the streets, I thought it wise to use my ‘security device’ so I switched it on as I disembarked from the car as it was manually operated.

I strolled down to the warm welcome of my young friends who didn’t waste time to call on their Rev Fr to meet with me.
I was ushered into the parish house and despite my several pleas for exemption, lunch was served.

That done (Yellow Eba & Ogbono by Filipino Priests o), I took charge of the business of the day and rounded up to the admiration and delight of the entire sitting audience.

As I took my leave, the executive members offered to see me off to my car.
It was a short stroll back with the group.
I got in and was slapped in the face with a rude shock as my engine refused to start.

‘Tayuuuuun, yuuuuun, yuuuuuun, yuuuuuu’

‘Tayuuuuun, yuuuuun, yuuuuuun, yuuuuuu’

I tried and tried and tried to no avail.
Then the guys (male and female) offered to PUSH the car so I could jumpstart it.
They did from one end of the street to the other, sweating and panting at the same time, yet the engine refused to budge. We had done this for close to 15 minutes when I remembered I had not put off my ‘security device’.

Damnnnnnnn. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

You needed to see the relief written on the faces of those young folks when I made the ‘revelation’.

I never used the ‘security device’ thereafter again.

I have not had a more embarrassing moment ever since.

Ohhhhhh My Gosh !



49 thoughts on ““My most ‘Embarrassing’ Moment”

    1. From your church member:

      “Can’t be as embarrassing as having a serious wardrobe malfunction right in the front row of the church, boogieng seriously to celebrate independence day and PAAAARAAAA . . .

      The zipper holding up already fitted blouse bursts open and falls to the ground.

      Thank God I was wearing a clean strapless bra that Sunday.

      Iyen tuun nko ?


      Well I boned face, froze my smile, jejely bent down to pick the blouse and waka fast commot the hall.

      Didn’t even think of church today.
      Make the scene commot small


      Shit happens.

      Can happen to anyone, anywhere, anytime too.

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  1. “Wow.

    You often times look back at something, a situation or event and wish you got swallowed by the ground . . . Such is the way of an embarrassment.

    Such blood chilling moments.”


    Tried severally, unsuccessfully to post the above comment on your coffee spill write up.

    Liked by 1 person

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