I had actually wished for the rains yesterday.
Indeed for very personal reasons, had run into a close neighbour and told her why and predictably, she also wished it rained.

We slept and nothing like it would rain indicated.

Surprisingly, we woke up to not just the cries from the sky, but its wailings.
It poured like there would be no tomorrow. Scaringly too.
As I prepared for church I wished it would stop.

Human wants, are indeed insatiable. Enough already. C’mon.

I needed to get out into it as I had my 2 umbrellas in the car. At least needed an umbrella to open and lock the gates.
I got out and would have been totally drenched if I’d attempted to open the gates without one.
As I unlocked my car, I reached out for one of the 2 umbrellas at the back. My hand got to the other that isn’t my favourite.
I didn’t have a choice in this case I thought as I slammed the back door shut while quickly flinging open the umbrella for my protection against the heavy downpour.

As I opened the gates, the bottom of my pants were already soaked from the rains and so also was my left sleeve.

I jumped into the car, wet already despite the covering of the umbrella.
I zoomed off in the direction of my church after locking the gates, roads flooded and cars with their hazard lights on crawling slowly, filed in single straight lines as a portion of the entire roads were overtaken by nearly a foot high in depth of dirty water.

I wadded through it and got to the church, four minutes late.

I parked, few cars parked anyway, most must have decided against coming to church using the rains as an excuse.

I stepped out from the car into water, my umbrella the little coverage I could muster.

Church service was already commenced.
What was noticeably glaring as I approached the doorway were tens of umbrellas, colorfully adorning the entrance, all wet with drops of water soaking the floors from the umbrellas left standing on the church walls.
I added mine also to the display of colors and entered into the church.

The Mass was worth it on the long run.

We all came out one after the other and made for our different umbrellas.
Mine wasn’t where I had dropped it. Like a joke I searched and looked through to no avail.
My umbrella was gone. Gone with the wind.

How come ?

I looked for the wardens and informed them.
‘Must’ve been an error’ one said. Another nodded to the other saying, ‘I told you so’ indicating she sensed what happened could happen.

I waited awhile thinking whoever took it in error would realise and return it.

While waiting, I found the exact same as mine but with a totally different inscription on it.
‘Maybe they took yours thinking it was this’ I was once again consoled.

Anyway, I left for my car.
The rains still dropping and without my covering, remembering as I did that the only time, far back in 2005 that I lost my mobile phone, picked from my pocket was also at my church, the former one though.
In the house of God.

Still wondering – Was it taken in error or deliberately ?

Stolen, that is.

Jeez !



50 thoughts on ““Stolen”

    1. . . . Thanks for all the love from Calcutta.

      The one I saw and mine were exact same colors and design, however while that was behind the door inside the church mine was left outside.
      You should know where you kept yours just same way I knew where to look for mine.
      Besides, the branding was by totally different companies.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha. Maybe he/she was in a hurry and didn’t think much while leaving. It happened the same with me with school bags. Thankfully I knew that guy and was able to track him down inside the school within 30 minutes. But the bag looked exactly the same and we had kept it in two completely different places outside the library.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. . . . You’re right.
        I’ve thought so too. Found it baffling however, that I seemed the only one not amused by the situation in church. Everyone else took it in their strides. Like nothing serious happened.
        Didn’t quite like that.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Omotee says:

    I’m more interested in why you wanted it to rain before. 😁.

    Sorry about the umbrella. I want to believe it was an error but then, not everyone has good intentions Eh?

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Anita Nelson says:

    You wish for the rain, unfortunately it’s didn’t rain when you wanted! Mama nature for you. Sorry darling, you picked the wrong umbrella. I like reading your write-up! Good one

    Liked by 2 people

    1. . . . The rain was a welcome relief when it came. Did the works I intended for it.

      Just that my umbrella was also sacrificed along with the rains.


      Thanks for always stopping by and for enjoying my write ups.

      That’s the reason I write anyway.

      To make ya all smiling, giggling and happy.



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