“Cheating. Deception. Et Cetera”

I was on the queue right behind her in the banking hall that fateful day.
My mission was to make a number of transactions, one of which necessitated my calling a friend for his details.

“Send me your account number” I said.

He decided to call it out instead.

“Whose got a pen ?” I raised my voice and the two ladies I was sandwiched in between both flashed theirs for me.

The one in front was fastest and prettiest too.
Dark, tall and leggy. She radiated innocence and pure beauty.
I collected hers and on the long run her phone number too.

I love to push my luck.

Called later on that day to once again say my thanks, this was good enough to get me her BBM pin and we would chat and chat days after days on end.

I discovered she worked at my nephew’s and was very married.

As a very curious person, I invited her out for lunch and the following week we were seated opposite one another.

She wasn’t even hungry she said.
She just wanted to see me again. I made her laugh she said. She was just not happy in her marriage.

At the point she was, I could so easily have taken advantage of her.
I’m not saying I am a ‘G’ but in all honesty I could’ve gotten away with murder knowing her.

Weeks later, my BlackBerry phone crashed and we never ping again and eventually never saw again.

There are numerous such stories. People, both male and female enduring their marriages. Not even muscling any strength to once again work on it.

They then start cheating on one another. The mistrust. The lies. The deceptions.

How sad ?

I can’t count the number of my friends, females and males who hide behind smoke screens in their relationships.

Only 3 months ago, one glowingly celebrated his spouse on his fcbk page. The likes were around 400 and almost 200 comments.
The spouse being celebrated must’ve felt on top of the world, like a queen.

The sad truth however, I knew about 3 of the ladies who ‘liked’ to have slept with her man.

Such is the height of deception that I’ve come to know.

Women also have illegitimate children for their husbands, some totally in secret and others as baby mamas.
Men have love children outside and out of the know of their wives.
The truth no matter how long usually surface after the man’s demise anyway.

Hey, don’t get me wrong. One bad apple don’t spoil the who bunch though.

We have opposites too.

Now, this was my encounter with Ola.

On my last birthday, I had as usual gone cycling when we met.

‘Please do you by any chance have a tyre inflator with you ?’ she had asked as her bike tyŕe was losing air.

‘I’ve this and that issue as well’ she informed me.

“I am sorry I can’t help” I replied.
My technical knowledge of bikes is very limited.

So I gave her the number of a repair guy I know. We also exchanged phone digits.

‘I have been married 10 years’ she had said jokingly in response to me teasing her.

I guess she curiously looked me up on fcbk cos I told her my funny name – O’Shine ORIGINAL.

She sent a text message

‘Happy Birthday, you should have told me it’s your birthday and I would’ve sang you a song.’

I responded thanking her.

We added ourselves later on Facebook and WhatsApp too.

It’s funny how fate works sometimes, I had gone to have lunch at one obscure buka this early noon when I ran into her again. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

“So you come to this kinda place” we both echoed.

I guess that further brought us close.
We’ve had several unattached lunch dates since then.

Ola is one young woman you won’t even think of crossing the line with.
It’s never crossed my mind.


No one is as professional and as friendly as she is.

This gorgeous young woman runs a procurement business with her husband, she the ceo and he the chairman.

It’ll shock you the extent of her business ideas and acumen.
Never ceases to talk about the business and hubby.

A good partnership.

Now, that’s what I’m talking about.

That’s what you should be to one another.

Soul mates !



31 thoughts on ““Cheating. Deception. Et Cetera”

    1. . . . It’s the opposite, I extend a hand of friendship.
      Every one needs a friend. A real one. A good one. One you can truly laugh and share with. It’ll shock you how lonely and alone people are.

      Go out there and make you more friends.


      Liked by 1 person

      1. Of course I never meant it in the other context at all. I said u r such a friendly warm person and help so many others. Of course world is wanting people like you and us to give a helping hand or say a kind word. I too do all these things, was just fooling you.

        Liked by 1 person

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