Life can be so so funny yet so complicated you know.

I remember once on an hospital visit with then wifey.
I had an HMO policy and I was on this visit required to include an additional information so my file was given to me.
Wifey was side by side as I filled the forms.

Then she had seen a column that fascinated her.

My ‘next of kin’.

“Why am I not your ‘next of kin’ ?” she enquired.

This was a policy I took well before I even married her.
Never crossed my mind how important or the need to even change that information.
For a fact, I was seeing that file for the very first time again since I took the policy.

I had my younger brother as my ‘next of kin’.
He stayed miles away in Abuja. A very busy banker too.

The funny thing, ok maybe these days, if you call him, the answer you get usually is:

‘Please, lemmie call you back’.

He’s an extremely busy person at work. Pressured I guess. Bankers around here are hugely so, strained and constrained.

However, the possibility of him not calling back for a day or two is high.


Guess wifey was right to wish to be my ‘next of kin’ then ?


She was a banker too however, just like my brother.
I had opened an account at her office which she had full knowledge and control of.

Knew the password of my ATM that is.
Could draw and drew money for me a few times.

In the same vein, also had the password to my personal / official email account.
Actually used to assist in downloading huge files from her own office.

In the name of love – Winks winks.

I also in exchange and in disproportionate balance had her personal email password.

Then the bubble burst.

The fight, and she moved out.

1 day, 2 days, to 1 week and I was curiously goin to check her personal email.

I had been blocked. No access.

The life and times of a woman.

‘Password changed’

Swiftly too.

Kikikikikikikikiiiiii !



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