“Again & Again”

My second Versatile Nomination.

From a very simple but stylish person. Got class too.
She is:



Appy is an amazingly awesome person and I enjoy reading her posts tremendously.

Check her out.

The rules.

◇ Thank the person who nominated you – Done!
◇ Show the award on your blog – Done!
◇ Share 7 random facts about yourself –

Here we go:

7- I’m a Man United FAN_atic and have supported this great club since 1982.

God made Man (United) in His own image.


6- I connect and make friends with lovely lively people.

I chose my friends mostly.


5- I’m a photo freak. Taking pictures at any slightly given opportunity.
The funniest part being people are shocked when they finally meet me in person.

“You’re finer in real life than in your photos” they exclaim mostly.



4- I love speed – I do only when the roads are free however.


3- I love very good music and I listen to almost all types.
I connect easily with music.


2- I can wear the same pair of shoes for a whole year.
Strangely, my children think Daddy has too many shoes from the ones they see lined up in my room.


1- I seem complicated from afar, but l surprise many when they discover on closer contact that I’m easy to get along with.


My new nominating style is THIS:

The first 10 likes with less than 1000 followers are hereby nominated.

I will alert you therefore.

The nominees however, have the choice of tagging along or just simply walking on.

It was fun writing this, thanks again Appy.

You ROCK !


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