“Dear Lord”

Since my journey into blogging began nearly 3 months ago, I’ve met quite a lot of incredibly brilliant people.

Diverse ideas, beautiful sites and just too pleasant displays of thoughts and presentations.

You immediately know some of these people through their photo displays or sometimes names and you’re able to differentiate the genders, male or female.

On occasions whereby the use of pseudo names and blanks or abstract photos have been displayed, I have totally missed some of my callings.

I called a woman a man (later became a favorite of mine) as well as referred, twice too to men as women.


So there I was that day. Enjoying my back and forth rantings with this fellow.

Comments et cetera and I got this comment:

‘Thanks dear.’

It in totality concluded but wrongly I was on with a chick so I’d replied:

“Grateful ma’am.”

The swift response got me off balance:

‘ Lolololooooololol.
I am a very chauvinistic male.’

We’ve gone on to be quite good friends since then.

He is a wonderful guy too:


Ohhhh dear !



22 thoughts on ““Dear Lord”

    1. . . . Congratulations on having started.

      You need to write more and bother less on how the broadcast goes.

      Firstly, however, get to interest yourself on fellow WP posts. Your likes and comments naturally attracts them to you. They’re a lot more interested when they see content that interests them, reason I said keep on writing.

      That’s the first rule.

      Having dome that, you can also get noticed via the numerous other social media like Facebook, Twitter, BBM, WhatsApp etc.

      You can post your links in those, yourself or through friends and family.

      You can on the long run also discover other interesting ways.


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  1. Hey O’Shine you said my words too even I feel so connected with people though I have never seen them except in pictures kept in their blogs and sometimes it is so nice to be in disguise and give beautiful comments and write blogs which can be blessings in someway or the other. Thanks to you once again dear friend. Take care have a nice day.👍👍👍👍👍👍god bless to you and your family and all our bloggers.

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