“Party Freak”

Sometimes I look back and think to myself that I’ve attended enough parties to last me a lifetime.

Thus, a need to retire . . . Chuckles.

Likewise, a lot of people look at me and have same rather very erroneous belief I’m a party animal . . . Nahhhhhhhh.

You guys are damn wrong.

W. R. O. N. G. I said.

Funny, this weekend saw me at two compulsory parties, a surprise 70th birthday party in Lekki and then my church society’s vice president’s 60th party in Surulere, both running pari passu.

I started off from Lekki before disappearing and appearing at Surulere.

Truth is, many.
Infact so much more have fought me as a result of my missing their social engagements and functions.

I’ve had instances whereby I even miss a party two streets away from my house.

Importantly, my frame of mind is of essence in my attending any party.
If per chance I wake up on the wrong side of my bed, I’m sorry.

No dice.
Absof.ckinglutely nothing for you.

However, with a correct arise and shine mindset – Be it Kutuwenji or Sambisa Forest.
Be rest assured I’ll be there.

I remember following a bosom friend to Kaduna for his brother’s wedding – VVIP experience that was.
All expenses paid, flight plus hotel etc.
Topnotch time we had. I followed him twice to the north for such events and then a third time for his own wedding in Abuja. Yeah right, I paid my way for that. Lol.

An occasion I MCed.

Hey, don’t get me wrong, there have been periods that ran into weeks that I didn’t turn up at a single social event.
Close to three months sometimes for a fact.

Many an invite have I left untouched, unhonored, unattended – Sadly so too for sometimes, these are or were places or people I ought not miss or dodge.

A fcbk friend invited me for his Dad’s 70th in Ijebu and I couldn’t make it – I noticed a change in his attitude towards me, maybe for not making it.
Same can be said of another friend whose child got married in Lagos and I couldn’t attend – I sent an apology but never got a response.


I remember my friend’s grandma’s burial in Sagamu (about 125 kms to and fro) that I had intended not attending just cos I would be in my hometown (about 150 kms to and fro) the following day plus my friend’s 50th also that weekend.

Friday. Saturday. Sunday events (plus a 40th birthday on Monday).
Loaded four day weekend mehnn.

She had called on Thursday, a day before:

‘. . . O’Shine, so what time are you coming tomorrow ?’

“Ehmm ehmm, I won’t be able to make it” I stammered.

‘Ahhhhhhhh, O’Shine . . . You f.ck up. Noooo, you f.ck up ooooo’, moved on to other matters and then dropped.

“Guess what happened the following day ?”

I turned up in Sagamu ke.


Kikikikikikikikikikikikiiii !



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