“O’Shine how are you ?

I’ve been following your blog.

I must say, they’re pretty interesting; especially the stuff on the BMW that didn’t start, Mrs Moore, Your Mum etc.

Bros keep the good stuff flowing . . . I hardly have time to read blogs but I’ve really enjoyed reading yours . . . It’s almost like filling the gaps of the 32years.”
– Ayodeji Soluade
(Former secondary school classmate – Last seen in 1984)

Phew !



12 thoughts on ““Feedback”

      1. . . . God allowed water to destroy the world during Noahs time. He allowed Hitler to perpetuate the extermination of the Jews. He allowed America to drop an atomic bomb on Nagazaki and Hiroshina. He allowed Abacha rule over Nigeria.

        He’s an unquestionable God.

        That’s why.


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