“The GOOD Wife”

‘He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord’


Tolani is a most beautiful woman.
A very down to earth one for that matter.
Tall, leggy, shinning white teeth with a smile that’s just as brilliant.

She’s a head turner any day.

I still remember how we both became friends on fcbk and have overtime become exceptionally good ones too.

I met her for the first time at her wedding about 8 years ago.

I had two events to attend that exact date.
Hers around Yaba and the engagement of a church member’s son in the Festac area.

I attended Tolani’s first. Waiting at the entrance of the reception. When I sighted the couple’s car I made a move towards them.

On sighting me, she started screaming my name in disbelief and for a fact to my embarrassment too.

I became the centre of attraction as every head turned towards me.

Quickly, I congratulated both groom and bride while also handing over a small gift to my friend – A brown envelope.

I dashed down for my other activity on the other side of town.

Our second meeting was a chanced one – There I was in the dreaded Island traffic. On Kingsway Road precisely, a look to my left hand side brought me into eye contact with Tolani, also in her company car.
Once again, her screams, beaming with the smiles rented the afternoon air that fateful day.

The time to say our ‘hellos’ was quite short as we moved in different directions.

Overtime, I was to become her confidant on job related matters as she would call me every now and then concerning her job and boss.
I’ve given her several tips and advice concerning both in times past.

She visited my office for a third meeting sometime last year. She was a delight to have around.

Once again, “It’s my boss ooooooo, please what can I do in so so and so situation ?” she would ask – Taking notes too.

There were also times I sent relevant journals and write ups to her via emails.

A couple of weeks ago, she showed up at my office once again after we had arranged a meeting.

She had promised herself she would work for 10 years – This was her 9th.

She bared it all.

Her husband had been the one taking care of their 2 kids. His photography business had given him that much time to attend to that schedule. He bathes the kids while she rushes to her Ikoyi office from their Oko Oba location. He also picks the kids from school.

She comes home totally exhausted despite being driven by her driver.

“I can’t kill myself so I hired a driver for myself” she told me.

The children barely know her. Infact, she is jealous as they relate much more to Daddy than they do to her.

At a point they had asked why Dad doesn’t have an office like Mum.

Her parents are very very supportive too. Her father takes her husband like his younger brother.

“Don’t ever look down on that man” her father continuously warn her when that ‘nut’ loosens in her head.

When she had taken him to her parents she said her own Mum was shocked. “Tolani has not made up her mind oooooo” she told her would be husband.

Her Mum had sat her down and seriously talked to her about how certain she was of her choice.

He was the total opposite of how she conducted herself. Where she was elegant, he was just plain simple. She had charisma while he made up for his lack with his plainness.

She had found him, she reassured her parents.

‘This is the bone of my bone. He will be the father of my children’ she said to her parents.

She makes more money than him and he never even ask her for funds when he’s broke.

He had nothing – Absolutely nothing when we met and my parents paid for everything used for the wedding except his suit and my gown.

Mind you, her background is not upper class too. Her father is a printer and mother a seamstress.

He had come from a background where he was ‘alone’ she further told me.

For him, a failed marriage was not even an option as such he showed extreme love to wife and children – To family.
The love he never got from his parents he showered on his children like never before seen.

Tolani made it clear to me she never as a policy discuss her husband with her high end friends.
To an outsider, he’s not on her level at all. To her, “He’s the King of my world”

‘Nahhhhhhhhh, I know where I’m coming from’ she repeatedly said.

Now, she was ready to lay proper plans for her start up business to enable her see to the upkeep of the children as well as allow her husband face his own life and business too – The main reason she had come to see me.

(I should start a consultancy)

“He doesn’t even go out over the weekend” she said. He would rather just be around us.

“I’m sure he’ll be shocked to hear all I’ve confided in you” she said as she got up to go that fateful day.

Without knowing it, she had spent over 3 hours talking to me.

He had called her in the middle of our discussion. It was her birthday, ‘Was she coming home on time’ he had wanted to know.

She wasn’t prepared for any celebrations. It was a Tuesday and the coming Thursday, 2 days away was her daughter’s birthday too.

She had taken that day and the one after off to be with her family.

The celebrations starts then.

The conclusion – They also deserve her attention and love !


“An excellent wife is the crown of her husband, but she who brings shame is like rottenness in his bones.”
– Proverbs 12:4



24 thoughts on ““The GOOD Wife”

  1. I remarried 17 years ago to a man unlike anyone I had known. He is basically a hermit, an old happy hippie who doesn’t like to be around a lot of people because he doesn’t like the hypocrisy of most people. He does not lie and he loves me. My immediate family disliked him and made it known. “He isn’t working! He’s lazy!” He was in his early 50’s at the time and retired from building computers. He’s nearing 70 now.He didn’t work because it was OUR choice. He contributed other things of value. His intelligence. Our conversations. Respect. Dinner when I asked. He nursed me through a long illness of several years. My sister on the other hand may have a house they paid off but they do little together, don’t know how to talk to each other, didn’t get divorced because neither wanted to give up the house and she hides things from him she doesn’t want him to know. I would rather have this man my family sticks their nose up to, but that’s okay, they stick their nose up around me, too. A good marriage isn’t based on money. It’s based on respect and honesty. I gave him what he needed. Solitude from the public and he gave me the unconditional love I needed. I think we are both lucky people to have found each other.

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