“Goin Bananas”

I read somewhere that eating banana is good health wise, so when I sighted this roadside fruit stall I brought my car right to a halt – Problem however was that it was on the other side of the road, so I engaged the reverse gear and guided the car right to that side of the stall.

Lo and behold, there stood a goddess like babe selling cucumber, paw paw, water melon, oranges, bananas etc.

To say I went BANANAS is an understatement.
I winked at her while asking “Are you the one here ?”

She smiled back answering ‘Yes’.

Really, I said “What’s your name?” ‘Promise’ she answered “What do you do” I asked again ‘I’m a student of Tai Solarin Uni’

(Chai, make ASUU no gree call off this strike ooo)

“Interesting” I said again “What course” she said ‘Biz Edu’.

Ehm, ehm, ehm “Can I have your number ? I must see you again” I blurted out.
By this time she was blushing and looked away, replying ‘No ooooooo’.

I pressed further but the babe refused blatantly – “Ok take my own number now”

She smiled and walked away – I looked up and realised passersby were actually glancing at us.

So I engaged my gear to drive.
“Ok, bye I said as I drove off”
(Oh, lest I forget, I bought a bunch and told her to keep the change).

So omo ologede fuun mi ni iso.
(Ahhhh; banana seller turned me down. Chaiiiiiiiiiii. I’m coming to visit you for TASUED ooooo)

Yeeeeeeeeeeee, a whole me ?
I’m goin back there tomorrow – Ain’t takin a no for an answer.

(Eating bananas as I write and singing popular Nigerian song)
‘Chop banana you go yo, chop banana you go yo’

Kikikikikikikikikikikiiiiii !



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