“What’s a Happy Life ?”

‘I don’t want a perfect life – I want a happy life . . . Life is beautiful’


It was Tunde’s Dad’s birthday in far away Ikorodu and the man alongside his twin, Taiwo were for a start hosting their old boys set of 1969 . . . St. Finbarr’s College, Akoka – Lagos.

A party was to kick off thereafter.

He had called me a night previously, ‘My Dad’s birthday is tomorrow’ he said and ‘I want you in attendance over at Ikorodu from 5.00 pm.’
“Come and pick me” I said.
‘You should understand I’ll be there early’ was his response.

To entice me, the following day he sent a text message that I see a Mr. Rufus at the Total Fuel Station close to his house for four thousand naira (N4,000) worth of fuel.

So that was how I landed at the party in full force.
I was ushered straight into the house by nearly baldheaded Tunde himself. He was delightedly glad I made it. I settled in fast and had gulped down a plate of well nourished jollof rice, moi moi and chicken downed with 2 bottles of Malta Guinness. A bowl of asuun quickly followed too even before the party commenced.

By the time the old boys meeting was over around 6.10 pm and the party commenced, I was already over bloated. Filled to the brim.

I got introduced to Tunde’s Dad.

A jolly good fellow, bubbly, youthful and full of life for a 65 year old man.

‘I used to know a Mr. Oshin’ he said excitedly to me. ‘He worked at the XYZ company’.

“That’s my big brother” I had gleefully revealed to him.

‘Wow, such a small world’ he said. ‘Do extend my kind regards to him’ he said smiling sheepishly.
Tunde urged me to join the groove outside and wondered which of the two bubbly tables I wished to join, one had his father’s also youthful friends while the other had folks his own age.
I chose to join the former, his father’s friends.
I was glad I chose rightly too . . . I laughed all the way. Those guys despite their age were absolute criminals. No dull moment on that table mehnn.
We ate, drank to our delight and laughed to our heart’s desire.

The old boys got wind other younger and new era old boys were also around and we got sucked into their midst.
While I was a 79 set, we had 2 other guys from the 95 set also around . . . Tunde’s friends.


We sang and danced like the CONQUERORS we are to the school anthem, pumped hands and exchanged greetings delightedly while amusing the other guests.
Those old folks were a huge excitement to watch.

While doing all these I noticed a glowing young lady moving up and down and surrounded by her friends.
I beckoned on Tunde to come and asked him where his Papa’s small wifey was (his Mum is late) . . . That lady was the one I fancied the most and wondered if she was my friend’s cousin or something since he doesn’t have a sister.
“Won’t you introduce me to your relative ?” I teased him, also winking in the lady’s direction.

‘O ma gbinaaa ni’ he barked, indicating that was his Papa’s babe.

I fell in love wif the man all the more instantly, correct man. Pretty good taste for a man his age.


As I made to leave a few minutes to 9.00 pm, I got introduced to other family members, Tunde’s Dad’s twin brother’s wife and another lovely lady plus his own wife (all through the party his wife didn’t even utter a word to me how much more ask if I wanted a drink or meal despite having met her a few times . . . Shioooooo).

‘Meet my friend’ he had told them.

“Sharaaaap there” was my response, “I’m his big brother not his friend” I told them all.

Tunde gained admission into the secondary school the year I left the university.
To think I was on that campus for 9 years to get a 4 year degree.

Now, do the math yourself.

The ladies had disagreed with me when I said Tunde didn’t portray his Dad’s image one bit.
Where Dad was superbly extroverted and outgoing, he was just a plain old introvert with no frills, he practically just existed. No kleiglights.
Lovely and lively father compared to strict and almost boring son.

“Ko joooooo Baba e raaraa” meaning he doesn’t look one bit like his father I said.

Tunde insists he’s happy as well as religiously married where his dandy Dad is reckless with women.

Father & son – Two total opposites.

“Life is not perfect” I reminded him and “your father is living life . . . Beautifully”.

Kikikikikikikiiikikikikikikikiiiiiiii !


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