“Boom Boom Shakalaka”

The difference between a man and a woman is crystal clear.

Come . . . Let’s see.

I remember a couple of years back when a close female friend was about getting married.
She was so excited about it all and all necessary arrangements had been concluded months before the D-Day.

One thing she needed ‘help’ on was choosing her wedding dress and she wanted a male opinion so begged me to go wif her (They say ‘her’ man must NOT see the dress till the day – Utter NONSENSE).

So there I was hoping from one bridal shop to another the full stretch of Opebi / Allen Avenue Axis in Ikeja: window shopping, sizing and acknowledging or ‘rejecting’ another man’s woman’s wedding gown.

‘Is this okay ?’ she would ask glowingly.

“Sure it is” was all I uttered.

You bet I wasn’t much help cos I allowed her make her CHOICE . . . It was her joy afterall.


My point is, recently I was in need of a new pair of shoes for an event (I was to MC my bestman’s wedding dinner in Abuja) and was co-incidentally with a female friend when I muted the idea.

She revealed to me one great side street place to find a perfect fit.

Lo & behold I was at a loss with what to choose when we got there.
I loved a particular pair but they didn’t have my size so I settled for a very similar design.
My ‘accomplice’ was of a different opinion and the next thing was her saying and insisting I should take what she LIKED.

See me see trouble o – Na me go wear am and na me dey pay for am now.


It’s been weeks now of me expecting her to pop outta the blues wif the one she ‘liked’ for me as a surprise gift – Still waiting.

Maybe it’s my Christmas present ?

Merry Christmas guys.

Kikikikikikikikikikikiiiiiiii !



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