“Never Say NEVER”

Luck they say is when opportunity meets preparedness.

I got to be a member of my society’s sub committee a few months back.
The task was to select a production facility for a project we had intended gifting the church.

A few days after my selection into the committee, I ran into a friend that asked me for advice on a related matter and who also came up with a known name as a solution to the matter on ground.
I then mentioned my church society project that could be handled by this same individual.
Told my friend to mention it to her and that she gave me a call.

I mentioned the individual’s name to a committee member who coincidentally also knew her.

‘Ohhhhh, that’s right. I should have even remembered she could do it’ he said.

This person called me and I gave her a low down on the matter. She was excited and wanted to come see me right away.

“I am sorry it’s not my call” I made her realise since it was a 3 man membership committee.
I advised she met all 3 of us together with a promise to facilitate a meeting.

We found another production facility, a more seemingly experienced and organised one.
A well established company actually. I called their rep and arranged a presentation for the same day the other person was coming.

On the said day, we got the unit in church on the alert about happenings, while also requesting them send in representatives to the presentation.

My first contact came in heavily prepared and with interesting samples as well as cogent explanations.

The rep of the established company not only came late but without samples. He strolled in pompously with his catalogue.

I reminded him – “I told you to come with samples” when he tried to explain he didn’t know he was coming for a presentation.

Despite that the church unit were more favourably disposed towards him.

They asked both parties to produce samples of the brief given to them.

The rep of the established company was okay by the arrangement while the individual wanted to be paid for the sample.

We reported back to the society our findings at the monthly meeting.

The idea of paying for a sample was vehemently opposed and the established company was once again lauded.

The odds were widely stacked in their favor to get the job.

Strangely, the individual called me the following day with the wish to make the sample without it being paid for.

Final presentations were subsequently made by both parties and with a shocking result.

. . . Apart from a few corrections here and there, the individual did a lot better and was picked.

Lesson here is . . . Never give up and don’t let overconfidence bring you down.

The boy’s scout motto readily comes to mind . . . Be prepared !



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