“A reason to LOVE again”

Beauty.FULL is what I call her. Vastly knowledgeable she is too. Her intelligence is second to non.

In her humility and truthfully too, she had described herself in one of our numerous phone conversations . . . ‘I am a jack of all trade and master of all’.
Truly, no better way to describe her.

I remember an intense discussion we had. She had put me on the spot, very calmly too. I left richer still . . . No woman had ever spoken or talked to me so warmly that I can remember.

Every second or minute of the day that her thoughts come through to me, my heart is gladened.

Her smiles have uncontrollably and effortlessly melted my hardened heart.

‘You have a way with words’, she once said, smiling warmly.

I still recall, freshly too our first date. We had attended two similar events and I drove her home. Parked outside her serene neighbourhood, we had taken probably another 45 minutes chatting away in the car. I wish it could’ve gone on forever.
Time to go and she slipped her lefthand fingers into mine, squeezing them as she slipped away into the dark nights.
I felt a sexual chill go through my spine. I hadn’t felt such sweet sensation in a long long long time.
That memory and many such like it have sustained my nights in very recent times.

Days later, I shocked her . . .

“Will you marry me ?”

I couldn’t have put it in better words.

And I meant it from the deepest bottom of my heart.

I’ve found a reason to LOVE again !



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