“That First Kiss”

Finally . . . Slowly but surely I did it, mustering enough courage to lean forward and lock my lips with hers . . . I had being dying inside of me to taste how creamy and juicy those enticing and certainly inviting lips were . . . I did it . . . I tasted them.

Sweet Jesus . . . I slept soundly and real good that night . . . Dreams come through only if and when you pursue them.
Several months earlier, myself and my partner in crime, the one with whom I was co-labelled ‘Blues Brothers’ had gone visiting a friend or taken a stroll . . . I can’t remember for certain what exactly took us within that path but I sure still remember our coming into contact with these two angelic beings . . . Young sissies they were . . . One light in complexion and the other extremely dark . . . I was to find out they were sisters . . . We met again . . . Months after accidentally sighting them with my friend . . . They had both gained admission into the university, my university . . . The meeting though coincidental was very much welcomed . . . Light sister was in the law department while the dark sister was in the economics department . . . My being in the political science department meant we were both in the same social sciences faculty and we shared related courses . . . It was a stroke of luck . . . I became a good acquaintance to the dark sister . . . Simply just good friends . . . No strings attached . . . The thought never even crossed my mind at that time . . . With the passage of time we became closer and closer . . . We came home together sometimes from campus . . . Their house was just 3 bus stops from mine and other times too, I strolled over for the both of us to tag along to campus together . . . In no time the first semester was over and the easter holidays provided me an opportunity to attend a bash thrown for the fair skinned sister to mark her birthday.

The party, well attended rocked all the way . . . The following day I was over at my dark friend’s place . . . She had told me previous day to call her on my way to school . . . And there she was with my arrival, not sure if she wanted to go or not . . . The party was still telling on her . . . She was tired, a hangover . . . The celebrant had gone to school though . . . ‘Darkie’ was going to be all alone in the house and wondered what I was even goin to do on campus . . . ‘Why don’t I just keep her company ?’ she asked . . . Lectures were yet to commence anyway.

I didn’t think twice about the offer . . . “Oh my. Oh my” I thought to myself . . . Truly, I had come to the point I was wishing she was mine . . . In a way, we had a thing for one another . . . I missed her if I didn’t set eyes on her for a couple of days . . . I longed to be with her every now and then . . . I was liking her . . . So much too.

I chose to stay . . . The house was big, a semi detached duplex . . . 4 bedrooms with 2 sitting rooms, one on each floor of the storey building . . . A BQ with 2 rooms at the back too, they had moved in a few years earlier from their mum’s official quarters in Ikoyi . . . It was all quiet in the whole house . . . We had it all to ourselves . . . We talked. We laughed. We discussed school issues . . . The lecturers. The big boys and girls on campus. The courses and our expectations etc . . . She had told me her only chore for the day was going to pick her little niece from school some distance away by noon . . . So I knew I had good time at hand to rock and roll with this new friend of mine . . . At a time, we sat on the dining table, then the couch. We stood up too looking out through the wide glass door and then finally, each settled on 2 single seaters . . . Sitting on the edges and facing one another, a dark wooden stool separating the two of us . . . As we chatted away, I swung both feet back and forth . . . This motion at a time gave me chills as a leg touched hers . . . I froze but noticed she was expressionless . . . I propped myself up to sit on the edge of the settee as against leaning on it . . . Momentarily at a standstill . . . Minds lost in deep thoughts . . . ‘Go get her’ I heard a voice within me saying as I lounged forward . . . Eyes locked with hers . . . Heart pounding and pacing while also practically panting . . . I cursped my lips on hers, encycling them . . . Intensely and sweetly too . . . Nothing could have been that passionate in what was that brief moment, it all seemed eternal . . . Like forever . . . It was both joyous and shocking at the same time . . . The feeling was mutual . . . Even without asking and the attendant risk, I had crossed the line . . . But, was I really ready for this ?

The kiss . . . From that day forward was the commencement of 4 years plus a few months of intense campus courtship.

The beginning of what was to be an excruciating love story and affection between ‘Darkie’ and myself began thereof.
It very almost resulted in holy matrimony, but however, ended in a most dirty and heart rendering break up.

Resources . . . Money, time and soul sapping energy all down the drain.

Kikikikikikikikikikikikikiiiiiiiiiiiii !



6 thoughts on ““That First Kiss”

  1. Wow…. the things we did back, another great trip down memory lane, our path are forever intertwined bro, cos anytime I also take a trip, U somehow pop up in the memories šŸ˜‰


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