“How I missed the Lagos marathon”

Finally . . . The d-day cometh . . . The 2nd International Lagos Marathon, one that had taken me several weeks of preparation . . . I’d also been able to convince fellow unregistered cyclists as myself to join me in this experience I was so much looking forward to. 

I had woken up about 3.30 am but finally got up at around 5.20 am to wash and dress up . . . My first phone call was to Tunde. He didn’t pick but called me  back almost immediately . . . He was getting ready too . . . I called Taofeek but no response then followed up on Akomz . . . He went to bed late and was unlikely to partake he informed.

Kenny also didn’t pick as well as Segun . . . Kenny showed up eventually.

While waiting for Taofeek (It was to be his first ever group ride on a Lagos road) . . . I had decided to warm up a little in my hood . . . At top speed I went up and down the next street and the most unexpected happened . . . A blow up . . . My rear tyre exploded like a cannister . . . I got down and pushed the bike in the direction of my house while also putting a call to Tunde . . . The time then being 6.30 am . . . Not much he could do anyway . . . Made unsuccessful calls to my vulcaniser too . . . Called Taofeek again to see if he had a grasp of the task ahead of me . . . No dice but he showed up a little later . . . We struggled but eventually removed the tube, patched and re fixed it to the rim, as we pumped we realised it was still leaking . . . The other guys called again . . . About the fifth time . . . They were already waiting and suggested I ferried my bike down with my car . . . In a jiffy, I latched it to the back of the car and drove towards our take off point . . . All exit leading to the expressway we found out were blocked  cos of the marathon . . . Panic set in.

I called Kenny to pedal down with Tunde’s spare tube . . . Like a flash he turned up . . . Taofeek had disappeared by now and we struggled on end and unsuccessfully so I had to tell Kenny to go with the guys. It was going to 8.00 am . . . Still bent on turning up . . . I strolled to the next street to get a vulcaniser . . . He quickly fitted the tube and I pumped . . . It was still flat.

I was disappointed but urged him to remove and look for the leaking point . . . We had to go to his roadside shop for this . . . I locked up my car and dragged the bike along . . . He removed, patched and fixed the tube again . . . As I pumped it refused to rise still . . . No dice.

Vulcaniser had to for the third time remove the tube again . . . He saw another leak and the whole process took place yet again . . . Remove tube, patch, refix and pump . . . It was firm this time around . . . Before this, a friend who had gone jogging passed by, exhausted but still interested in a photo shoot, so as usual, I did my thingy . . . Chuckles.


My tube was okay by now  anyway . . . I returned my pump to the car and wore my helmet . . . Excitedly, I pedalled towards the expressway . . . My own marathon was about to commence . . . Time was almost 9.00 am . . . To think I’d been on my feet all along too . . . As I happily gained momentum . . . I felt my rear tyre dragging and wobbly yet again . . . It was down . . . I cycled grudgingly to my own vulcaniser, his boy was around and I asked him to quickly fix my tyre . . . He mumbled some nonsense and instead of getting angry I just left him and walked down to bring my car, he’ll be needing my pump as theirs wasn’t the same size as my valve.

I came back and he fixed it yet again . . . His master now available . . . While they worked on the tyre, a neighbour called and I informed him of my predicament . . . ‘Ahhhhhhhh, forget that trip’ he begged . . . ‘Don’t do it again, just go back home’.

That option was unthinkable to me but by the time the tube was once again pumped and it yet again went down . . . In exasperation, I agreed . . . It was a lost battle.
I finally yielded to superstitious belief.

You can imagine me being disillusioned, disgusted, disappointed especially after inspiring not just cyclists but also runners to partake through a number of my social media posts.


The time . . . 9.30 am.

I got into my car and drove home . . . That was the much I could take.

I gave up !



My vulcaniser fixed and sent the bike through his boy and then sent me this message:

‘Gud day, noting do ur tayar, na ur pump no gud, I don do am’


27 thoughts on ““How I missed the Lagos marathon”

  1. Oooooh Maaan..

    I can see the tears whelming up in your eyes…
    what a great disappointment for you….

    But if you had participated that tyre would have blown and thrown you so hard.. you would have gotten major injuries…

    There is always next year..
    thank god for sparing you a concussion…

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I know O’Shine…

        You worked so hard to be fit enough for the race..

        But you failed to make sure your bike 🚴 was also 100 % fit too…

        At least you got a couple photos of you dressed out..!!!!
        So sexy!!!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Why embarrassed 😩??

        It was rather humorous actually…
        Hahahaha πŸ˜‚πŸ€£..

        I’m picturing you riding and Oops πŸ™Š..
        I can just see your face…
        and your anxiety..
        And I would be dying πŸ˜† of laughter..

        Liked by 2 people

      3. Cmon Nita.

        When it was you who woke everyone else up and you ended up not even showing up . . . That’s embarrassing.

        When you were the one who wanted everybody to ride compulsorily and you didn’t even turn up . . . That’s embarrassing.

        When you insisted on all being there at the take off point by 7.00 am and you were nowhere to be found . . . That’s embarrassing.

        I’ve actually done a 100 kms stretch before . . . Picture that.


        Liked by 1 person

      4. O’Shine.. being embarrassed 😩.. is a very selfish feeling and emotion…

        I’m sure all your associates all understood the reason for your noshow.. when they found out…

        And I also sure after their initial sympathy they probably had a good 😊 laugh πŸ˜‚ at your story of your dilemma

        Liked by 1 person

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