‘TGIF . . . Thank God It’s Friday’

After a rigorous and tasking week, people my age always cheer up that the weekend has finally arrived . . . Yeeeeeeeeee.

As a very young and upcoming guy (YUPPIE), I remember one such Friday I had so much looked forward to . . . I had this freaking beautiful girlfriend in OSU, Ogun State University . . . She was dashing and everytime I took her to my friends, they were always in awe of her . . . ‘Your babe is beautiful’ they usually chorused . . . I always wished they never said so cos this was someone who couldn’t control the fact she was beautiful . . . She lerrit get into her head instead . . . I was always pissed too.

I had seen her one day in church, gaddemn shege . . . “Where on earth did she come out of ? I asked and was shown her older sis . . . I had met the older sis before, she had come to see their step sister who lived directly opposite a good friend of mine . . . My friend’s place was my hangout and I spent a lot of time over there. 

I introduced myself to the beauty and as you’ll have it, I got the necessary details off her . . . She was goin back to school that afternoon and had given me a description to her abode in school . . . Chaiiiiiiiii.

My good friend that lived opposite their step sis coincidentally also had an OSU babe so it was a match made in heaven . . . We hit the road together henceforth. 

She lived in her father’s country home.

On our first visit, she had entertained us at the sitting room, we didn’t even get a clue of the color of her room.
Anyway, one thing led to the other and we started dating . . . I started goin down to Ijebu Igbo all by myself . . . I actually bought 4 brand new tyres for this project . . . Chuckles. 

Then I started spending the weekends at her place . . . Bliss plus plenty fights too . . . Very stubborn girl I was to find out . . . We had lots of divergent opinions but I liked her all the same . . . She was too beautiful to let go so I took all the bull shit that came with dating a drop dead gorgeous beauty.
One of those things I couldn’t at that time comprehend was the fact that on the days I spent the weekend at her place, guys would always troop down to see her, my classmates she would introduce . . . Some had the guts to also sprawl and sit comfortably on her bed . . . To think this same babe never even let me into her room on my earlier visits . . . Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

We fought even much more . . . I was jealous . . . I couldn’t even take those snides mehnnnnn.

Then I decided I was gonna catch her red handed . . . It was the last chance too . . . She was finishing her final exams that Friday afternoon so I had planned to drop in unannounced for the weekend.

The plan was I would leave Lagos late . . . ERROR.

I left a few minutes to 7.00 pm that day and hit the Lagos – Ibadan Expressway enroute Ijebu Igbo.
Before you could say Jack, the entire route was in total darkness . . . The roads had no lightings and I only had my head lamps as aid . . . They were not enough.

A huge regret it was but I had gone too far and couldn’t even dare turn back by the time I realised it . . . A truck or bus or
whatever would just emerge out of a sharp bend with full lights on and impeeding my sight while I was also on top top speed . . . Gosh.

At a point, I ran into a ditch and my car grounded to a halt right there in the middle of the road . . . I had gotten to Oru by then so I wasn’t so scared cos I knew I was only a few minutes away from her place in Ijebu Igbo . . . I got down after having opened the bonet, checked and found out it was my battery head that shifted from position . . . I knocked it back into the right place and revved the engine back to life . . . As I inched closer and closer the thought of nicking this babe of mine finally wif another boy sweetened me . . . I needed something to hold unto to call off the entire thing . . . A valid excuse . . . Lol.

On getting to Ijebu Igbo, the whole place was in total blackout and I missed the turning to her house on the main road . . . I drove further down with the intention to do a left turn and then drive back to her place.

As I made the turn, the entire world came crashing down . . . An okada with a passenger were to my left side and I had not even seen them . . . I brought them down totally . . . In the few seconds that it happened, the entire okada population nearby had swam on me . . . The accident victims groaning in pain, voices atop one another with suggestions of the nearest hospital to scurry the victims to.
I told everyone who cared to listen that I was new in town and had to let my host(ess) know I was in town . . . Her house was just 3 blocks away from the spot. 

Luckily, her auntie was also in the crowd and quickly recognised me . . . She had gone out I was told . . . The auntie followed us as I took the victims to the hospital where they were admitted.

My babe later showed up too, her auntie had informed her on the phone about what happened. 

The hunter had become the hunted . . . All the cash on me, intended for entertainment was spent on hospital bills.

Enjoy your weekend. 

Kikikikikikikikiiikiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii !



12 thoughts on “‘TGIF . . . Thank God It’s Friday’

  1. Great story, got me smiling to myself. I know all those corners as I am a graduate of that school. The things that happened to babes of weekend boyfriends ehn…..Knew right from school I could not marry anyone that went through that system. Guilty as charged.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re something else . . . Surely you have a point but one bad apple don’t spoil the whole bunch oooooo . . . I know girls from that set that are assets to their husbands today . . . Really good girls . . . Mine was only being childish and cheeky back in the day . . . She’s a very responsible lady till date too . . . However, what one sees on a daily basis even up till now scares suitors away from our ivory towers.

      Sadly . . .


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