“Failure is an Experience”

This was the day my whole world stood still . . .

Yeahhhh; yeeeeee; yesssss.
I got the job, I’d joined the big league, this was a whole new world to me . . . This was life, I thought to myself . . . After a gruelling 5 months long interview / tests I finally landed my dream job.

Take home pay was in excess of one hundred thousand naira per annum (Don’t laugh oooooooo cos this was ages ago).
The organisation exceeded all my expectations; no secretary cos I was to be my own secretary, I was also to be my own big boss, a totally new experience . . . Mind boggling experience it all turned out to be.
Unexpectedly, I wasn’t ready for that kinda challenge (at least not then), I was totally overwhelmed, completely knocked off my feet and hugely intimidated.

Everything went so fast, the trainings, the management sessions plus meetings, client visits, then the shocking news – We were to go to then very popular management retreat center in Ijebu Ode for a 3 days retreat and everyone of us including the 4 newly recruited management trainees were to do individual presentations.

Moku, Mogbe, Motidaran I thought to myself . . . One on one, I’m superb, but do a presentation to this whole lot, these guys sure can pose mehnnnn.

How was I goin to impress them, how was I going to shine my way through ?

I was even a pure computer illiterate and I had to do my presentation slides myself . . . That wasn’t much of a challenge though cos I learnt the use of a desktop computer in less than 10 days all by myself.
Did my slides perfectly well . . . I was given the task of reading from page to page Steven Covey’s ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ and then to do a presentation on the first 4 habits.

I practised, presented to myself and my friends, reviewed and replayed the scenes on my slides: awake and asleep in my mind.
It all seemed perfectly well but I still wasn’t satisfied . . . I felt the butterflies in my tummy.
Then the D-Day came, the hour was finally at hand, my turn had come and I strolled to the front of the small hall; majestically – Carrying with me my glass of water while also remembering the managing director’s words the previous day:

‘You’re a showman once on the stage’

This was goin to be my show:

I did my intro, followed by my opening speech, threw a joke (they didn’t even laff) and then placed my opening slide to start my presentation.

I was not doing badly for the first few minutes . . . Then the unexpected happened.

I blanked out, dried lips, stone faced, shivering, stammering and starring at everyone in the hall; about 20 in all.

My 3 other friends; a female and two males urged me on, waving their heads or hands as well as winking at me but it was all too late.
I had thrown it all away, I’d messed it all up, I f_cked it all up.
That was it . . . The whole world, my entire world which a few weeks earlier was so promising stood still.

I had failed, disappointing not just myself but those who hired me.
I walked away stumbling, head bowed, heart shattered, ashamed, aghast, bewildered.

Few months after that incident I finally threw in the towel . . . I couldn’t take it anymore, I walked away; scared, scratched and charred.

Looking back, many times I fell but everytime I did, I have picked myself up and carried on . . . Everytime I remember what happened nowadays, I just laugh over it all knowing you never fail till you agree within you that you can’t succeed.

That was in 1996 . . . 21 years ago !


“If you’ve failed, that means you’re doing something – If you’re doing something, you have a chance”
– Robert Kiyosaki




6 thoughts on ““Failure is an Experience”

  1. It s all good man, your failure brought you to this point. I’m ambitious​ and so are you, so let s get the money rolling pal. Thanks for the follow, would love to hear your thoughts on my shorts and at least you could watch Michael Jordan in 96

    Liked by 1 person

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