‘How Stella got her groove back’

Stella and I had become really great friends in a strange and funny way . . . Our friendship blossomed from platonic to very sexual over time.

We laughed and enjoyed each other’s company, especially since we both broke up from our different spouses. 
She came around to my place more often and we spent great time together.
I still remember the night she called me mid week . . . There was a problem . . . We had not seen for awhile and she reeled it all out through the phone mouthpiece . . . She had been on sleeping pills for quite sometime cos she could not sleep . . . The pharmacist at the pharmacy she patronised had noticed her intake of the sleeping pills she got from them and had sat her down.

‘Don’t you have a boyfriend ?’ he had asked her innocently and jokingly, but most seriously.

‘You sure have a whole lot on your mind is the reason you’ve found it difficult to sleep’ . . . He teased her further . . . ‘Get yourself laid’ he concluded.

Her main problem was that she’s had no shoulders to cry on since her engagement to the guy of her dreams fell apart 6 months earlier, practically no one has been there for her except me . . . By that, she had become emotionally tied to me too.

‘Can I come and spend the night at your place on Friday ?’ she asked . . . “Whatttttttttt ?” I shuddered.
With Stella, no half truths, she said it as it is . . . Straight. Plain. Truth.

Truth is I had been so attracted too . . . What a luck . . . What the ?

The heavy workload at her workplace made it unrealistic for her to truly turn up Friday evening, to the extent I thought she chickened out . . . Lo and behold, Saturday night till Sunday morning was a blast . . . She woke up on my bed, having slept like a baby all night long . . . Refreshed and beaming with smiles . . . Finally getting up to have her bath at about 2.00 pm Sunday afternoon. 

The final word (Satzenbrau)
Getting shagged is therapeutic.
That’s how Stella got her groove back.

By the way . . . My name is Eddie !


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