‘One way ticket to heaven and back’

My friend laid on the couch in preparation of the last leg of their trip. The kids had a swell time indeed.

He had endured the long drive back from Orlando to Miami for the flight back to Nigeria.
The last plan was to drop his family at the airport and then quickly return the rented vehicle back . . . The thoughts played in his head as he prepared to catch a little nap.
All alone, outside the room where his wife and two kids; his boy, aged 5 and the lil sister, aged 3 were sleeping.

He was awoken by the heavy sounds from next door . . .

A young lady moaning . . . ‘Uh-uh-ih-ih-uhh’.
Moans accompanied by loud screams of ‘pappi-pappiiii-pappiiiiiiiii’.

Then a man’s voice calming her down. The very heavy breathing.
His chest heaved rapidly with heavy panting . . .

He was shouting too . . . He certainly made it to heaven and back in quick succession:

From his calculations, they were Mexicans.
He had lasted about . . . (?!/:;&@#$'”;.,)
Go figure.

Kikikikikikikikikikikiiiiiiiiiiii !


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