‘Cold blooded murder’

I laid lazily on my favourite chair, the couch.
Sprawled and spread out, punching as had become almost customary on my phone.
In a flash, I saw the almost lighting-like movement; dark and smooth, could have been non existent, more like an imagination.
A blink of something, more imaginary than real.

It came from behind the chocolate brown console and had disappeared into my daughter’s room.
The crew; my son and girl were on the floor playing away and had no inkling anything had crawled in on them.
I was also in doubt but for the first time thought it right and wise to check.
This was becoming a reoccurring phenomenon.
I got up and walked to the room entrance.
Not a clue. I waited and yet nothing gave itself away. Something told me to rock the boat and I gave a wild kick to the clothe drawer directly opposite the door and the ghostlike shadow sprang out across the room and dived under the bed. Sighting it, the two kids on the floor sprang to their feet unto the bed . . . Both screaming on top of their voices.
Their wailing must have thrown real trepidation into the thingy as it once again reappeared and took off into the living room upstairs. Ran behind the couch and dodged under the long curtains. I dashed to my side of the house where I kept a broom. That was going to be my weapon. I came back in full fury, knocking about the settees here and there and the bloody thang ran out of its hiding once again, by now into my son’s room, effortlessly gliding through the small space under the door.
The move, so sleek. I took after it, both of us gasping for breathe. The thing much more than me. I ran after it with all my might and strength knowing my kids would practically freak out if they don’t see me finish it off. The floor tiles in the whole house was of great help too, it couldn’t get away as it slipped more than it could run.

I saw it gallop to the right handside of the living room and I lunged at it, a nice and powerful blow from the broom, a great hook it was. It ran back towards the door to the balcony and I took another good swipe with the broom. It was a tko, knocking it out. I now pummelled it to pulp to finally send it where it belonged . . . To hell.
Blood in my hands. 

The kids did not sleep in their rooms for the next couple of days thereafter. 

I hate crawlies around my house.
That was the third I murdered in a few days . . . They most likely came in when I celebrated my birthday in May.
Must have been when I had visitors coming and going through the door. 


I hosted my neighbours to a barbecue on Saturday too.
Soft drinks and water from Wazeman, Orijin Zero from Mr. Ekky, Red wine from Mr. Oni, Femi from one of the two new houses close to the expressway provided Asuun plus beer, someone else brought plastic chairs, Dare brought fuel for the gen when IKEDC took light.
Dr. Dee, Uzoma & wifey, Demola (Femi’s neighbour), Popson and the Akwa Ibom guy two blocks away also attended.
My place was the venue, that was all I needed to provide according to the guys.
We kicked off at past 4.00 pm, rocking it till almost 8.00 pm.

Despite sitting outside, my doors were opened now and then to take a lick or get a glass cup.


I had gone downstairs to the kitchen last night to get a cold drink when I saw it in a flash . . . Ahhhhhhhh, not again.
I turned the entire place upside down to snuff life out of it.

Those small devils, the tiny tots . . . I hate them so much.
Enough for me to soil my hands with their blood.

Rats !


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