‘The Second Time’

I was just a few months older than 16 and having terribly flunked my SSCE the first time, was required to resit the exams.

My sister found me a very good school, but far away at an extreme corner of the state. This required my going to stay at an aunt’s in FESTAC Town and then commute down to the school everyday . . . The plan was I attended classes like a

normal student from the beginning of the 2nd term till exams commenced. 

I found it most shameful and as such promised myself to squarely face my studies and pass the exams.

My aunty was a most pleasant person and thereby made my stay comfortable and easy. I had prior to then never stayed outside my home so it was a very strange experiment for me.

I started classes by going to school daily, in the school uniform too . . . I felt like a failure doing so which made me even much more determined.

I attended my classes most seriously and thereafter spent my free time at the school library. 

This was where I found out there were many such people like me too . . . Those who had come to retake their WASCE as well.

On this particular morning while reading, I had seen this quite petit and really glamorous beauty . . . She had come to read also, or so it seemed.

I introduced myself and that was it.

Ivie, a Benin Princess had finished from one of the girls only schools on Mainland Lagos and her parents had moved to the hinterlands, putting up a massive structure of a home about 3 streets from the school I had gone to retake my exams.

She took to me like a small child would take to cake and cream.

I was her small god . . . We were indeed both head over heels in love with one another. I had found the bone of my bones, my jewel of inestimable value, my wife.

Ivie had a close friend within school too, Tope whom I coincidentally had met at a party about a year earlier in Satelite Town. Tope was close friend to my late sister’s classmate, Taiye at Eva Adelaja Girls Secondary School. Taiye and I were great friends too so I dropped by once awhile at her Satelite Town abode.

Ivie, Tope and I became a threesome and cynosure of all eyes in the school . . . We were all inseparable. 

We did things, quite unthinkable things for kids our age . . . Bolting away during breaktime to Ivie’s house for lunch and returning to same pad after school hours . . . Sometimes to booze, dance, eat and . . . 

On one such occasion, while Ivie was cooking, she had slotted in a record by Ray Parker Jnr:

‘I don’t think that men should sleep alone’ was playing. 

Tope was on a rollercoaster with the booze and was by now obviously dead drunk . . . She had pulled herself up unto the dance floor, whinning and wriggling her waist to this most tempting beat.

I sat down and watched in wonderment . . . Waiting for my meal and nodding to the rhythm . . . I’ve always been a foodie.

Ivie came out from the kitchen, took a cold look at me and utter words in a most disappointing manner:

‘Gee, what are you waiting for ? Cmon take care of her’

I got up, very hesitant and moved up close to Tope who was too glad to wrap her full stretch of hands around me in a cuddle. Her rotund chest, with full blown twins resting on my tiny chest . . . In accordance with the wishes of my small madam, clasped my hands on her bum bum, squeezing like the gentleman that I’ve always been . . . Tenderly. Intentionally. Totally.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh . . . The distractions I had most honestly thought I would avoid by attending this bush school.

I’m sure ya all can predict the outcome of the exams that was to come.

O jigbi jigbi jigbi.

F9 sleep for ground aplenty . . . O suun lo ni mehnnn.

I failed most very painfully yet again . . . The second time around !


Ivie. Tope. Taiye.

Not real names . . . Locations too.


@ O’Shine Original 

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